9 Analytical Tools Every Affiliate Marketer SHOULD Checkout

Successful affiliate marketers wouldn’t be found dead without their own secret bag of analytical tools.

Let’s be honest…if you have to equip yourself with the best you can find in order to scale to the heights of top affiliates online. The following are a few weapons of choice you can you to help you get all the data you need to make informed decisions:

Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate Marketer


1. CrazyEgg

It offers a bunch of cool visual tracking methods to fully understand how your visitors are navigating on your site.

Apart from the ‘Heatmap’ and the ‘scrollmap’ that gives you a picture of where and how far the visitors on your site are going. It helps to recognize problem areas (places where the visitors are quitting or moving away) and make changes that increase actions on your site. It even goes as far as giving you the number of clicks generated by individual elements of the page.

This is an awesome way to get a complete representation of the clicks with the highest significance to your site.

2. Google Insights

If you want to see if the popularity of a keyword is going up or pin down or the best months or seasons for a particular search using worldwide trends, Google Insights is the tool for you. It also offers an array of methods like sorting search volume by region to determine the change in trends over time in different areas.

3. Mint

The only tool on the list that has a one-time payment, Mint Analytics comes with no recurring costs. It has an excellent layout and simple, user-friendly charts that give you all the information you need.

Although it charges a fee of $30 per site, it definitely is a cut above other tools, even if those have a lower monthly fee, because your annual expenditure with those tools may still add up to $30 or maybe more.

4. Google Alerts

Being a Google tool, you can expect it to deliver and deliver well. It efficiently monitors social media and packs a punch with its analytics package. Keeping track of any literature you’ve shared online or keeping a tab on your competition becomes really easy.

Set it up to track specific keywords, like your blog name, or personal details and receive e-mail alerts every time someone searches using those keywords. You can even have your very own social media watchdog which notifies you if unwanted content is placed on any platform.

5. Stealth Keyword Digger

Much like most other keyword analyzers, the Stealth Keyword Digger focuses on trending keywords. But it stands apart in that it targets the most profitable keywords. This is super-helpful if you’re focusing on a niche market.

6. SEO Quake

Similar in its working to other affiliate tools, it aids affiliates in keeping a tab on the Alexa ranking of their websites. Moreover, it offers data on back links and gets your webpage displayed higher in Google searches. A highly-effective browser plug-in for affiliate marketing, it operates on Firefox and Google Chrome.

7. Spyfu

It helps in optimizing affiliate programs to suit the needs of the target audience, which is essential in affiliate marketing. It also tracks your competitor activity and the keywords they’ve purchased on Google Adwords. It is one of the most highly-trusted tools used by marketers.

8. KISSmetrics

It provides an amazing way to better understand your visitors. It is one of those analytical tools designed specifically for commerce sites, although it can be used on blogs as well. Especially, blogs with products on offer.

9. Google Optimizer

If you want to optimize your blog and shape it into a model blog in the eyes of Google, this is the tool for you. It can be used to customize layouts, and enable template designs and SEO content. Use this tool wisely and you can maximize your chances of appearing in related Google searches.

To conclude

Keep your strategy simple but effective and don’t forget the basics. Understanding your visitors and your target audience is essential to your business, and these tools can definitely help you get there, if you use them wisely.

Should You Use Videos for Internet Marketing Advertising?

There are many ways to do effective Internet marketing advertising. However, in a world that is congested with numerous people who are trying to make it big in the online marketing world, how is it possible to win your own spot? What strategy works when it comes to winning the hearts of your targeted market?

One of the best Internet marketing strategies is to create a video. If you have not ventured into this one yet, then you might want to, and here is why.

Gain Wider Market Scope

The more traditional methods of Internet marketing advertising involve email marketing, article marketing and placing online ads. Yes, these may be effective but, what about those individuals who don’t have the patience to read through lengthy texts just to get the information that they need? Unfortunately, there are individuals who are too busy to read articles. Sharing the product or service details through informative video is a great way to reach out to those people.

Lower Internet Marketing Advertising Costs

You can also create videos which provide information about the products and services. Best of all, making it visible to thousands of people does not involve additional expenses because videos can be posted in several social media networking sites, particularly YouTube and Facebook. To utilize YouTube, all it takes is creating an account and uploading the videos free. Interested viewers can simply access the link to watch it. Facebook also allows embedding of videos so it can be shared to thousands of people and auto played.

Possible Viral Component

Since videos can be included in social networking sites, it is possible to make it viral. Of course, the video should have compelling and attention-grabbing content. Once this is seen by hundreds of viewers, they can easily share to hundreds more through their personal social networking accounts. If you are able to hit the right chords, then the video could have thousands of views in no time.

Extensive Demonstration

There are aspects of the business, features of the products, and details about the services which cannot be comprehensively explained thorough text. With the use of videos, it is easier to share how a product works and what the special features are. Aside from making it simple to provide information, it can be effortless for people to have a full understanding of all aspects of your product or service.

Interactive Internet Marketing Strategy

There is more to videos that simply putting a talking head. There are various elements which can be added to it like links for the company’s website, invitations for promotional campaigns, contact details and a whole lot more.

Establishing Credibility and Sincerity

All thanks to video marketing, entrepreneurs are able to have a more personalized means of communicating with their buyers and potential customers. It gives people an assurance that there is a credible person behind the business. Videos contribute to winning the trust of buyers especially if it exudes credibility and sincerity. In effect, this medium can make sales grow exponentially.

Multi-Platform Media

Aside from the freedom to embed the videos in the main website or in social networking sites, various elements can also be added to the videos. With the use of different non-linear editing software, even newbies can come up with professional-looking videos.

Contributes in Website SEO and Link Building

Do not forget to include the main website of the company and other relevant details about the business in the video or descriptions so that it would also contribute in link building. As more people get to watch the video, there will also be noticeable increases in the number of site visitors.

Effective Brand Recognition

If you play your cards right, there is no better way to intensify brand recognition and product awareness than video marketing. The succession of images and its blend with a good audio will make it easier for people to recall your brand.

Overall Business Impact

Incorporating video marketing into your business is a smart choice. Play around with the content. It doesn’t always have to be an interview or a person who talks non-stop. Allow your creative juices to flow so you can create a unique video that is packed with useful information. Just don’t make the mistake of focusing only on the aesthetics and then sacrificing the content. It should look good but has to deliver lots of relevant details too. Keep in mind that at the end of the day, people go online not just because they want to be entertained, but because they need answers to their queries.

How to Create an Internet Marketing Strategy

Internet marketing is an important aspect for businesses and companies that wish to expand their reach to existing and prospective clients on an online platform. In order to successfully reach their targets and marketing goals, its important to create an effective and practical Internet marketing strategy that will be strictly implemented throughout the campaign period.

This of course is easier said than done. Not all marketing executives are adept in creating comprehensive internet marketing strategies. This is because online trends are constantly in flux and if you aren’t able to keep up with the changing online environment, you will have a hard time creating a tailor-fit internet marketing strategy that will effectively deliver your message to your intended audience.

To get an idea of what a good online marketing strategy needs, here are some internet marketing tips that you can apply to your own campaign:

• Maintain an attractive, easy-to-use and comprehensive website. Your website is the focal point of your internet marketing strategy simply because it is the virtual location where your customers and client can go to learn more about your company and your offerings. It should offer complete information about your products and services and should provide as much details as possible.

It is also through your website where you will be able to learn more about your customers’ internet usage pattern and purchasing patterns. This is especially important if you are planning to embed an eCommerce feature directly from your website, as opposed to linking your customers to an online shopping facility like Amazon. There are millions of Internet users who regularly purchase items online. If you want to have a direct sales facility online, your website is a good starting point in researching the most effective eCommerce solutions for your business.

Although social networking websites such as Facebook are slowly becoming the main virtual platform that connects businesses to its target market, having a well-maintained website is still essential in any internet marketing strategy.

• Only use credible search engine optimization (SEO) techniques for your website content. SEO is essentially a technique that uses keywords, titles, heading and links in your website content in order to get a good index rating in search results. Over 70% of all Internet users do not go to the second page of search results on search engines like Google and Bing, making it all the more essential for businesses to create relevant, updated and SEO-enriched content for their websites.

One of the biggest challenges in SEO is that the algorithms that search engines use frequently change. This means that you will need to stay up-to-date with the changes that search engines implement in order for you to make the necessary adjustments to your content. In order to do this, you may need to hire a qualified and knowledgeable SEO consultant to give you advice on how to write, present and optimize your website’s content to make it easier for search engines’ spiders and bots to crawl your text. This will give you higher chances of being featured on the first page of search results for related keywords.

• Be interactive with your audience through social media. If you do a quick search of top companies that maintain pages on Facebook and profiles on Twitter, you may notice that type of activities and posts that they publish on a regular basis encourages replies from their fans and followers. This is essentially what being interactive means. Social networking sites have made it easier for companies to reach out to their customers on a more personal setting.

There are several ways to capitalize on this kind of environment. One effective way to generate buzz for your products through social media is to hold contests exclusive for the followers of your page. Require to them to submit photos, captions or stories and first-hand experiences with your brand on your Facebook page and ask them to share it with their contacts. Another method is to offer exclusive discounts to your followers.

Social networking sites are goldmines in generating new leads because of the ease in making your posts, photos and your page go viral with the networks of your existing customers. It also gives your brand an image of legitimacy because your customers are recommending it to their friends and family.

• Post and share videos on your website and social media pages. Videos are very effective in showcasing your products and services in an entertaining and catchy manner. You can also use videos to show customer testimonials, how your products work and other interesting tidbits that are memorable and useful to those who will watch the video.

In as short as two minutes, a video can already impart a company’s core values, the products and services that they offer and why purchasing their offering can benefit a prospective customer. These videos are also easy to share directly from your website or from your social networking pages, making it more viral and effective for your Internet marketing campaign.

If you have never done an internet marketing campaign before, it’s best that you thoroughly research about your target audience, their online habits and your competition and their online marketing campaigns. This will help you gain insight on what you need to do in order to maximize the potential of your strategy. You may also want to consult with an internet marketing expert in order to have professional guidance on how to conduct your campaign and what techniques are best used for your objectives.

Internet marketing is an effective way to reach new customers, expand your market and to take your brand to the next level if done right. With the proper preparation and execution, you could see your business grow and thrive in a changing business environment.

Top 10 Analytical Tools Every Affiliate Marketer MUST Use

Successful affiliate marketers wouldn’t be found dead without their bag of analytical tools.

To be one yourself, you ought to equip yourself with the best you can find. To scale the heights of online marketing, the following should be your weapons of choice:

Affiliate Marketing

1. CrazyEgg

This is one of the best tools out there. It offers a bunch of cool visual tracking methods to fully understand how your visitors are navigating on your site.
Apart from the ‘Heatmap’ and the ‘scrollmap’ that gives you a picture of where and how far the visitors on your site are going. It helps to recognize problem areas (places where the visitors are quitting or moving away) and make changes that increase actions on your site. It even goes as far as giving you the number of clicks generated by individual elements of the page.
This is an awesome way to get a complete representation of the clicks with the highest significance to your site.

2. Google Insights

If you want to see if the popularity of a keyword is going up or pin down the best months or seasons for a particular search using worldwide trends, Google Insights is the tool for you. It also offers an array of methods like sorting search volume by region to determine the change in trends over time in different areas.

3. Mint

The only tool on the list that has a one-time payment, Mint Analytics comes with no recurring costs and an excellent layout and simple and user-friendly charts that give you all the information you need.

Although it charges a fee of $30 per site, it definitely is a cut above other tools, even if those have a lower monthly fee, because your annual expenditure with those tools will still add up to $30 or maybe more.

4. Google Alerts

Being a Google tool, you can expect it to deliver and deliver well. It efficiently monitors social media and packs a punch with its analytics package. Keeping track of any literature you’ve shared online or keeping a tab on your competition becomes really easy.
Set it up to track specific keywords, like your blog name, or personal details and receive e-mail alerts every time someone searches using those keywords. You can even have your very own social media watchdog which notifies you if unwanted content is placed on any platform.

5. Stealth Keyword Digger

Much like most other keyword analyzers, the Stealth Keyword Digger focuses on trending keywords. But it stands apart in that it targets the most profitable keywords. This is super-helpful if you’re focusing on a niche market.

6. SEO Quake

Similar in its working to other affiliate tools, it aids affiliates in keeping a tab on the Alexa ranking of their websites. Moreover, it offers data on back links and gets your webpage displayed higher in Google searches. A highly-effective browser plug-in for affiliate marketing, it operates on Firefox and Google Chrome.

7. Spyfu

It helps in optimizing affiliate programs to suit the needs of the target audience, which is essential in affiliate marketing. It also tracks your competitor activity and the keywords they’ve purchased on Google AdWords. It is one of the most highly-trusted tools used by marketers.

8. KISSmetrics

It provides an amazing way to better understand your visitors. It is one of those analytical tools designed specifically for commerce sites, although it can be used on blogs as well. Especially, blogs with products on offer.

9. Google Optimizer

If you want to optimize your blog and shape it into a model blog in the eyes of Google, this is the tool for you. It can be used to customize layouts, and enable template designs and SEO content. Use this tool wisely and you can maximize your chances of appearing in related Google searches.

10. Clicky

This is the tool that most affiliate marketers can use instead of Google Analytics. The main difference is that Clicky provides real-time information unlike Google Analytics, which gives you the info from the previous day. This is crucial if the volume of visitors to your blog or site from an external source suddenly spikes.

To conclude

Keep your strategy simple but effective and don’t forget the basics. Understanding your visitors and your target audience is essential to your business, and these tools can definitely help you get there, if you use them wisely.

Effective Social Media Marketing Through Facebook

In the recent years, Facebook has evolved to more than just a casual online venue for people to get in touch with their family and friends. It has transformed to a vehicle which could drive businesses towards success.

With all the different features of Facebook such as the wall, groups, market, video sharing, albums, Timeline feature and a whole lot more, many Internet marketers have used it for social media marketing. Since it connects people who are in different parts of the globe, it is possible to advertise internationally without spending a lot of money.

If Facebook exudes a hip and cool appeal, how can this be utilized for Internet marketing strategies? Which aspects of this social networking site can ramp up sales and establish credibility? Here are some of the ways that you can also use Facebook for business marketing.

Create an Appropriate Profile

The right profile can be the make it or break it point for social media marketing, particularly Facebook. We cannot escape the fact that people tend to quickly judge others just by spending a few seconds in looking at the profile picture.

For corporate businesses, it is never wrong to use the company’s logo. This helps out in strengthening branding techniques. The logo will be remembered by people and merely seeing it immediately makes them recall what your business is all about. However, Internet marketing strategies should not be limited to just using the logo. There are some businesses, which benefit from establishing a more casual connection with their targeted market. In such cases, a photo of the business owner, an action pose of models or even an avatar would be more appropriate.

When creating the profile page, you need to decide whether you want a hip and cool vibe or a formal and uptight image.

Include All Pertinent Business Details

Before you even proceed in inviting contacts, make sure first that all details about the business are indicated. The most important ones include location, contact details or even additional websites. Do not waste you opportunity to reap the benefits of social media marketing just because your Facebook page is a dead end. They could not call you if there are no phone numbers and they could not visit the company’s main website if it is not indicated. Keep in mind that some people do not really want to connect with you through Facebook and they are checking out the page just to obtain company details.

Link it with Other Social Networking Sites

Using Facebook surely is one of the most effective Internet marketing strategies these days but do not forget about the importance of other social networking sites. For example, Twitter can also improve the performance of your Facebook account in communicating with thousands of people. There are other social networking plug-ins which you can use too.

Update Regularly

Changing your status and uploading new content is very important. This gives people a reason to check out your Facebook page regularly. It also encourages your connections to give comments, post messages or click the Like button.

When it comes to Facebook, regular update means having fresh content every single day. Ideally, this should be done several times a day so that it would be easier to gain more friends and contacts.

The updates should also provide interesting information. That way, people who are connected to you will have more reasons to share it with their friends. This leads to a chain of endless spread of your social media marketing updates.

Be More Personal

It cannot be doubted that Facebook has a cheery, casual vibe. A few years back, it is hard for serious marketers to even consider this website as a venue for their Internet marketing strategies but that has changed now. The important thing is that whether you want to build a stern reputation or you want to exude effervescence, create messages which are tailored for your targeted market. Use the language which they commonly speak, insert popular jargons in your posts and be consistent with the tone. Doing these will help you communicated better with your audience and they will be able to relate with you too.

Launch Contests

Contests are always enthralling for Facebook contacts. Encourage them to join in contests and offer really amazing prizes or jaw-dropping discounts. This can also be a great way to crowd source the content of your Facebook account. For example, if you are promoting your restaurant, then you can ask people to post their photos while eating the dish that they love most. Individuals with most captivating photos would have the chance to win gift certificates.

The benefits of launching contests come in multiple folds. First, it will create a buzz in the social networking world. Your current contacts would have something to be excited about. Second, you can also add more people in the list once the contest goes viral. Third, your content will always be updated.

Rewards and Freebies

Even if you do not launch contests, you can always hand out some great freebies. Maybe you can feature your most loyal member or the most active contact. Giving them little extras will encourage others to be proactive too.

Maximize Multi-Media Platform

Facebook does not impose too many limitations for their users. This is actually what makes it the best venue for social media marketing. Do not limit yourself to just posting new messages or status. You can also add more photos to the albums so people have a means of knowing more about the business. With the Timeline feature of Facebook, make sure that when viewers open it, there would be a myriad of things that they could check out. Post photos of the latest products. Embed videos of holiday greetings for your customers. Explore the different media types which you could incorporate in your Facebook account.

Provide the Latest Business Updates

This social networking site is a means of sending messages to thousands of people across the globe. If you are launching a new product, having an event or offering promos, then let the entire world know about it through Facebook.

7 Pay Per Call Myths you Have to Ignore for a Successful Affiliate Marketing Campaign

Setting up a pay per call campaign can cost affiliate marketers more than pay per click campaigns. However, pay per call can be trusted over pay per click because of the larger amount of verifiable information it provides to its users. If you are an affiliate marketer looking to adopt pay per call to reach out to your targeted customers, go ahead. Do not believe some of the most popular myths that exist today about this method, though. Below, we debunk seven popular myths to restore your faith in pay per call

3. CPA 7 pay per call myths to Ignore

1. Pay Per Call Networks Want to Work with Big Affiliates Only

Pay per call marketing can be a great option for small affiliate marketers as well. If you have your own specialized niche, there still is probably an offer for you somewhere from one of the several distribution partners. The sheer number of small affiliate marketers is much more than the big names, so distribution partners just cannot afford to ignore small businesses and usually have great schemes on offer for marketers at all levels.

In an interview to the Daily Mail, Mike Williams from Pay Per Call affiliate network RingPartner is found saying that there were no specific types of advertisers that the network was looking for and that they would work with ‘anybody who is looking for calls’.

2. Pay Per Call Campaigns are easily Manageable

Tracking the journey that your possible customers take before they arrive at your affiliate marketing site can be a complicated process. While your distribution partners try and simplify the process for you with great software, at the bare minimum, you will have to invest a lot of time and effort in understanding how exactly a particular visitor landed on your site. The combination of pay per click, pay per call, email and banner advertisements isresponsible for driving traffic towards your website. Properly understanding the process will give you a fair idea of the returns your marketing dollars spent on pay per call are actually getting you.

The problem is, if you, as an affiliate marketer, immerse yourself entirely into tracking and analytics, there is no time left for you to think of expansion or future plans. It is always advisable therefore to hire someone who knows the entire process. So sign up with the right partners and ensure that your analytics is spot on.

3. Pay Per Call campaigns must be Targeted at Landline Users

According to the Google Mobile Playbook, 70% of all local mobile searches result in a call. Google Search Moments says that people are 39% more likely to call a number when they search for the business through their mobiles. Being an action driven audience, it would be a major mistake for affiliate marketers to ignore this lot. After searching online for information, the mobile user would find it really easy to know more by simply placing a call and it is this part that you must consider when opting for Pay Per Call campaigns.

4. Pay per Call Campaigns Are Not Effective

A study by the Kelsey Group has shown that a person making a phone call is 10 times likely to make a purchase than someone who just clicks through to a landing page. With active engagement, callers are likely to display high interest level also, providing the affiliate marketer a chance to seal the deal as they are online and engaged in speaking with you directly. With good pay per call platforms, several options are avaialable to the affiliate marketer like call routing, identifying mistaken calls, etc which helps you avoid low quality traffic. The use of IVR technology can help you further fine tune traffic to your site.

5. Pay Per Calls are Difficult to Scale

Suppose your affiliate marketing effort really takes off, and all of a sudden you are faced with the demand for many more phone numbers, distribution partners now offer marketers the option to create new phone numbers with the click of a button. Other tasks like tracking of performance or distribution of phone numbers can also be handled very easily with the latest technology. Scaling up of operations need not be an expensive or complicated affair anymore for affiliate marketers.

6. Pay Per Call Data is Ineffective

For mobile affiliate marketers, data about their site visitors is the best weapon to have. Pay per call gives you that data. Distribution partners provide software, which can give you a lot of options to slice the data which you receive about callers based on demographics. This helps you to better identify your target audience. For example, you can gather data on which keywords generate the best quality of phone calls. This data can then be used to fine tune your entire online advertising campaign in order to achieve better results. You can also edit IVR options and routing switches in real time for fine tuning. Slicing of data based on geographical location and offers which generate the most interest is also possible. And don’t forget, all of this is happening with a focused visitor who has made the effort to call you.

7. Pay Per Call is Useful Only for the Big Customers

Effective pay per call campaign management will tell you information such as the kind of phones the customers are using to call you. However, this might not tell you much if your campaign extends to other countries besides the US as not all possible customers prefer to use smart phones. Based on issues like connectivity, personal preference or even ownership of one or more phones, you might get calls from possible customers who use simple phones to visit your landing page. Do not base your campaign simply to target smart phone users thinking there are more conversions there, but include other categories of phone users as well.

There are a lot of myths which are regularly brought up regarding pay per call marketing. However, the truth is that if used effectively, pay per call can be a much better option than other traditional forms of marketing to drive traffic to your offers. With any new technology, criticism is to be expected, it is up you to choose how much to believe.

Have you used pay per call? We are eager to know your experience.

PPC Campaigns Not Delivering Results? Check if You Making one of these Mistakes

Pay per click (PPC) advertising can be a very useful tool for affiliate marketers if used correctly. However, most times, affiliate marketers tend to jump into the world of PPC without proper research and end up spending much more money than budgeted for as most of the clicks they receive do not result in conversions while they still have to pay.

A poorly visualized PPC campaign might even result in the closing down of a business as PPC advertising becomes an expensive affair if not handled properly. Continuous tweaking in order to get the maximum return on investment is very necessary. If you are frustrated with shelling out money on a PPC campaign and do not see the profits, browse through these common mistakes that most affiliate marketers make at the beginning of their PCC campaigns. Are you making one of these too?

CPA PPC Mistakes to AVoid


  1. Casting a Very Wide Net?

Broad keywords can be priced higher than more specific ones. Also, the amount of competition in broad subject keywords is much more than that in more detailed keywords.
While there might be some value in using broad match keywords at the start of your PPC journey, it is advisable to change to more detailed keywords in order to get optimum results and weed out the unwanted ones.

For example, if you bid on ‘Fried Chicken’ instead of ‘Fried Chicken in New York’, you will get a lot of unwanted clicks from people looking for recipes. Another mistake people make is grouping all keywords in one ad group. For Google, this might result in an accumulation of keywords in the hundreds. Always ensure you do not have more than 10 words in each ad group.

For example, Google AdWords gives users a wide range of options for keywords which include broad match, broad match modifier, phrase match, exact match and negative match. For ideal results, you can mix and match several of these options to get the kind of results that you need to pull traffic to your offer.

  1. Not Budgeting Properly

Budgeting for PPC campaigns is a bit more complicated than setting a figure per year and dividing it by months or days to get an approximation. You must first take a look at the pricing for the keywords you are bidding for. Work out the cost per click and then add an extra 20% to it in order to arrive at your budget. Not having a proper budget can result in failed campaigns or frozen ones which cause more harm to your business than good.

  1. Sending all Clicks to the Same Page

If you have set up your PPC account to send all clicks through to the same landing page, it just is not the best idea anymore. Any search engine user is looking for specific information from the internet and sending him to your home page with a whole range of products will simply result in a wasted click. While it may not be feasible for you to create a separate landing page for each product, at least try and group products in categories and direct the clicks to these category pages.

Also remember, mobile phone browsers need pages designed specifically for them. If you are not doing this, a lot of visitors to your site who have logged on from their smart phones are quitting it in frustration as the data display is skewed. Make sure that you have a contact details form on your pages in order to capture visitor details and generate leads.

  1. Not Using Negative Keywords

PPC service providers allow advertisers to see the keywords that triggered their ads. Inappropriate keywords can be added as negative keywords in order to avoid wrong clicks. For example, if you are offering an ebook for sale and not for free, you might want to add the word ‘free’ to your list of negative keywords. The next time someone types in ‘free ebooks’, your ad will not be displayed.

Remember to keep updating your list of negative keywords regularly. This will ensure that your ad shows up only for people who are looking specifically for the products you are selling.

  1. Not constantly monitoring your Campaign

Tweaking is an integral part of any online advertising campaign and with PPC, it becomes even more necessary in order to keep up with the latest trends. A business cannot afford to simply set up a few keywords and forget about the campaign. New features rolled out by PPC sites can help you improve your campaign but only if you check progress on a regular basis.

Not checking your campaigns regularly can also result in you having to shell out a lot of money for wasted clicks. Make sure you login at least once a day to tweak your settings on keywords and negative keyword lists. If that is not possible, at least hire someone to focus on your ad campaign. Constant re-assessment of keywords, headlines, text and landing pages is required for proper conversion ratios and PPC is not always only about keywords.

On the other hand, if you are the type of person who worries constantly that his/her ad is not running, do not simply search for the keyword or click on your ad. You will simply be paying for your own click. Use preview page services by the PPC company to properly check if your ad campaign is up and running.

Another common mistake made by companies who use the auto placement feature provided by Google AdWords is that in the absence of constant monitoring, your ads will be placed by Google on many non relevant websites which do not result in any returns for you. Unless you constantly monitor the kind of websites that your ads are being placed on and ask Google to stop placing them, you will lose a lot of money.

PPC campaigns are not easy to maintain. As mentioned earlier, it is not always about the keywords. However, if you are running a campaign and it is not working out for you, make sure you tweak it straightaway by keeping the above points in mind.

The Top 10 Paid Methods to Generate Traffic for Your Offer

Driving traffic to your website can be a tough job, more so, if you have just entered into the world of affiliate marketing. However, if you think that free traffic generation methods are not giving you the right results, do not worry. There are a host of paid options available for affiliate marketers, provided you are willing to spend some money.

We discuss the top 10 paid methods for generating traffic for your offer.

5. cpa top 10 paid methods to generate traffic for your offer

 1. Internet Advertisements


If you think you have it in you to make a well designed banner ad, all you have to do is ensure that your ad gets placed in a lot of high traffic websites. Banner advertising is the simplest way to attract visitors to your site; banner ads can be an effective tool if you chalk out a plan to place the advertisements on sites that attract the right audience for your offer. Banner ads are usually paid for in cost per thousand impressions or cost per click packages.


 2. Buying of Lists


Email lists which have been legally collected can be purchased by you online. These will usually be lists from companies who have advertised that their opt-ins can be contacted by third party websites as well. Always ensure that the lists that you buy contain information given voluntarily, as there is a very thin line between advertising and spam when you buy lists. Another option is to go in for guaranteed traffic offered by certain companies. However, while you cannot be certain about the quality of traffic that your site receives, this can be a good option if you are looking at increasing your opt-in list. Put out a good offer and a ‘squeeze’ page on your site and watch your list grow.


 3. Advertise with e-newsletters


All internet advertisements do not have to be on websites. If you can design impactful static content, e-newsletters can be a great method to promote your website and offers. Advertise only with newsletters which have an extensive reach. Of course, you have to find newsletters that reach out to your target audience.  Another option would be to find forums which are dedicated to the kind of product/offer you are looking to sell. If forums can let you advertise in sub sections, you can attract very focused and specialized traffic that would be great for your conversion numbers.


 4. Advertise on Business Directories


Although a lot of websites which carry listings nowadays contain pages and pages of links, there are others which offer quality content for businesses or individuals. These lists are highly specialized, however and if you do find one that caters to your needs, consider advertising on them.


 5. Press Release Services


A time saver, paid press release services ensure that your offer details reach a wide range of newspapers, TV channels and publications. While only a small percentage of this may result in an article, your press release will be available online for viewing by anyone as these services will host the release for a fixed period of time. If you do get written about, the traffic to your website will definitely see appreciation.


 6. Paid Reviews


Some bloggers offer to write reviews for your products or offers if you pay them. While the exact output of the review may vary, if you are sure of your product or offer being really good, you can approach a blogger for a paid review. However, keep in mind, the blogger you approach must be influential and have a very wide fan following in order for you to generate traffic. Paid reviews are often viewed as an endorsement of the product by many and this can indeed generate huge traffic for your site if done properly.


 7. Sponsor a Website or Blog


If you happen to come across a blog, YouTube channel or website that offers really interesting content, consider sponsoring the person running the website/blog so that you get visibility as well as appreciation from the regular visitors to the blog. Alternatively, you can pick interesting topics for webinars and pay someone to host them if you do not have the experience or the time. Advertisements related to the subject can then be displayed during the webinar.


 8.Pay per Click Advertising


If you do decide to go in for PPC advertising, there are a lot of options besides Google which you explore. However, in terms of numbers, Google Adwords is the absolute ruler. Pay per Click advertising requires constant monitoring of return on investment however, and you need to stop as soon as you think that it is not giving you the financial returns that you had factored in.


 9. Social Media


Today, almost every social media website has some form of advertising built into it. Consider your demographic carefully and if it fits the kind who would use social media, go for advertising there. It is also important choose the right social media platform, depending on your offer and your target audience. For instance, Pinterest may not work for all offers, while Facebook is relatively broad in the reach that it offers.

Today, you can advertise on Facebook, Twitter and many other sites for a relatively reasonable expense. This kind of advertising can be very effective as these social media websites offer you several tools by which you can slice their user data and build targeted ads based on demographics.  You can even buy ad space on YouTube for the offers you want to promote.


10. Advertising Exchange


You can sign up for online advertisement exchanges like buysellads.com or adjug.com where you can choose the websites where your advertising would be displayed. Targeting of advertisements by category or geography is allowed and non performing sites are regularly audited and removed from the mix. Some of these ad networks will manage your campaign for you or you can manage them yourself. Payment can be by cost per thousand impressions. You have the freedom to have your advertisements featured across a selection of sites of your choice, decide the frequency of display and the cost that you are willing to pay per thousand impressions.


Not all options might work for you with great success. However, a mix and match of several services coupled with a few free traffic techniques should be the best way to go about the task of generating traffic for your offer.

Free Vs. Paid Traffic Source for Affiliate Marketing – The Debate Continues

As an affiliate marketer, driving customers towards your offer is the most crucial part of your business. This can be a time consuming process and needs a lot of trial and error before you hit upon the right traffic source that will boost your revenue. In this business, volume of traffic is the deciding factor for how much you can earn. More visitors means greater chances for conversion, which pushes up your commission.

That traffic is crucial for affiliate marketing success in well established. However, the debate over whether you need to choose paid traffic sources or opt for free traffic driven towards your website continues to rage. In the end, it all depends on the option that you think is viable for you both financially and in terms of time invested from your end.

Free vs Paid Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing

Free Vs Paid Traffic Sources: The Difference

If you advertise online with the intention of getting visitors to your site, it is a form of paid traffic. Always guaranteed to give you immediate results with the demographic matching required by you, paid traffic can drive focused traffic to your website.

Free traffic on the other hand involves organic strategies to pull traffic to your website and offer.  Participation in social media and the posting of links to your brand or website are some of the popular free traffic generation methods.

Both choices have their advantages and disadvantages but you need to undertake a complete review of your business goals and the return on investment that you are expecting before you make a choice of whether to go in for paid traffic driven to your site by advertisements or wait for organic traffic which visits your site based on your efforts and tactics.

Advantages of Paid Traffic Sources

One of the major plus points for driving paid traffic to your website is that you are not responsible for generating leads and content.  There is no need to spend time on the internet trying to ensure your website shows up in search engines to increase the visibility of your business.

Paid traffic via Pay Per Click and Google Ads almost takes away the hassle of worrying about how you could expand your online presence. A bid and forget kind of option, you just have to bid on the keyword and the spot that your ad would occupy and sit back and relax as focused traffic is driven to your site. However, a word of caution; if you make mistakes in the method of bidding and monitoring, PPC can quickly begin costing you a lot of money.

Free Traffic has Its Advantages too

 The major advantage of free traffic is the really low or zero costs involved. If you do not want to shell out money to promote your website and are wondering how to still drive traffic, there are plenty of free traffic options available to you like Search Engine Optimization, YouTube videos, blogs, social media posts and many others. However, this means that you would have to do the work yourself or hire people to do your SEO and content writing for you.

Because of its decreased costs, SEO has become popular with a whole lot of businesses both old and new who opt for it to drive traffic to their website. However, with free traffic, there can be no focus and it is difficult to precisely target the right audience for your offer. That said, a lot of affiliate marketers have succeeded with free traffic alone. For beginner affiliate marketers, this option provides an insight into the market and helps build a brand name before branching out into other paid options.


What is Right for You


While the debate might continue on which is the best traffic source for affiliate marketing you need to choose the option which you think is best for you. Consider the following points while making this decision.


1. Your Budget


Driving paid traffic towards your website can be a costly affair. Consider how much money you are willing to spend before opting for paid traffic sources.


2. Your Affiliate Networks and Commissions


Think about which affiliate networks you have joined and the commissions on your offers.  Your commissions are dependent on the advertiser and  the amount set by them. Work these into your costing while deciding for or against paid sources for driving traffic.


3. Affiliate Marketing is Designed to be Low Cost


Traditionally, affiliate marketing is designed in a way as to keep your costs low.    However, if you do feel the need for more focused visitors, you can always  consider paid traffic sources to boost your revenue.


Free Traffic Requires Constant Monitoring

Whatever the means you choose to drive free traffic, constant monitoring is always required. A blog or a YouTube video might need you to keep checking for   visits and the type of people viewing the material. While opting for free traffic sources for your offer, never trust a single source for a continuous flow of traffic to your website. Explore myriad options like forums, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and other forms of social media and SEO to   increase visibility of your website and build a brand reputation. People should remember your website and this is the first step to begin earning big money.


To end with, it does not matter which option you choose as long as you make the choice which is best for you. One thing to keep in mind is to stick to the choice of free or paid traffic once you have made your decision. Many affiliate marketers, by not seeing results with free traffic are driven to PPC or other paid options which might result in them losing a lot of money.Free traffic sources take more time compared to ready traffic being supplied to you in exchange for money. So if you opt for the free options, ensure you chalk out a plan and stick to it till completion before you evaluate the results. Focus on mastering traffic generation techniques by implementing them one at a time. Many successful affiliate marketers have succeeded in making a lot of money by focusing on one method of traffic generation without branching out in different directions.

What has worked for you – free or paid traffic sources? We would love to know.

How to Generate Free Traffic to Affiliate Sites – For Newbies

Gone are the days, when an individual website could stand tall in the information superhighway on its own two-feet! Today, websites need to promote themselves in more ways than one. This is the crux of the affiliate marketing process that allows websites to attract more traffic through an affiliate site.

Advertisers pay their affiliates based on the kind of traffic that flows in through the latter’s connected site, or the number of clicks that actually transform into a purchase. So, for an advertiser / company / entrepreneur promoting their products / services / content on the web, the mantra for increasing this traffic is by tying up with affiliates. If you have a website or a blog and the will to succeed, affiliate marketing can be a lucrative career option for you. As an affiliate, the more traffic you generate for the merchants you have tied up with, greater is your revenue.

How to Generate Free Traffic to Affiliate Sites - For Newbies

The big question that arises then is how to generate traffic. Well there are several ways to do so including free and paid advertising methods. As a newbie affiliate starting out in the business, it is a good idea to start with the free traffic generation methods, as you may not have a huge budget at the start for the paid options.

How to Generate Free Traffic to Affiliate Sites -A Newbie Guide

So which are those must-follow strategies of traffic generation to your affiliate site for 2014? Let’s find out!


1. Find the Right Partnerships


Experimenting with different merchants will bring much needed success for affiliates. But ensure that these merchants are related to your website niche and to each other. For instance, if you are a website promoting real estate, it would be great to promote offers not from the biscuit or chocolate industry, but definitely from banks, construction, architects and security agencies who would want your web platform to drive traffic to their sites. It thus makes sense to first understand your niche, and try to promote several merchants in the same and related niches!


2. Your Content Still Matters


The reason why a merchant would select your website over another competitor is because you have good content that brings audiences to your website. While the rules of setting up a successful and profitable online business might have changed down the years, fact is that meaningful content that appeals to your audience is still the king! You might be tempted to include the right keywords to occupy top spots on the search results page. While this is not a bad idea, writing only for search engines (and not your audience) will not bring in traffic. Only quality and useful content will bring in people and with people come the clicks.


3. Get Algorithm Friendly


Google should be the bible for affiliates this year to generate traffic to their sites! In fact, Google algorithms are the buzzwords, which define the SEO environment in today’s dynamic online landscape. While keeping pace with the ever changing algorithm scenario can often be difficult, it makes sense to adopt some important changes in your keyword selection to keep up with Google.

In today’s complex algorithm profile, its best to stick to long tail keywords that best define the products / services you are promoting and bring out its unique feature.  Let’s say your key product is a butter-filled biscuit laden with choco-chips. By using the keywords ‘delicious butter biscuits’, chances of  getting top spot in the search rankings will be next to nil. Get as specific as possible to get traffic.


4. Don’t go Overboard!


That’s right, you might have great website, with lots of traffic and a great affiliate marketing strategy, but don’t go overboard with advertising banners! Believe it or not, but animated banners and scrolls are the number one cause of annoyance among web users and a prime reason why they often choose to sign out fast. If this happens too many times, be assured that you will gradually lose your audience and with it your affiliate revenue.


5. Increase Audio and Voice Presence


While content is still king, the smart thing to do is not crowd your website with too much written material. Instead, make use of audio and video elements to generate curiosity and expect instant feedback. You can also put audio and video links to merchant websites. Audio and video, say experts work better when selling through the net, because they explain the worth of the service or product more powerfully than mere words.


6. Email Promotions


A good way to reach out to more people in  affiliate marketing is to use the power of emails. Identify your target audience and develop an effective email communication that will not be trashed, but which will instead, compel the user to read the material and visit the merchant’s website. The first step to initiating a successful email campaign is to build a subscriber list using a killer landing page.


7. Don’t sell Everything to Everybody


The number one rule to creating a successful affiliate website that attracts tons of traffic  is finding the niche audience from the huge number of people out there, and approaching them with targeted messages. These are the visitors to the website, who can be prospective buyers in future. The idea therefore is to reach out to probable customers through the kind of information they are seeking. Affiliates therefore need to stay updated on different events and news and advertise products/ services accordingly.

For instance, if you are trying to sell an expensive property during times of recession, it is sure to be a failure! Staying updated on real time events related to your niche is a good way to increase traffic to the site.


8. Offer Bonuses


Offer something extra to your customers, which your competitors are forgetting, maybe! It could be an added bonus, a free subscription or a gift sent to the customer, etc. No matter what you choose, it should be customized according to the product/concept/service you are selling and it should match customer expectations. Remember, a freebie works only when it is actually useful to the target audience.


9. Increase the Breadth of Partnerships


Review your affiliate partnerships and rehash them according to the trends in the market. It is therefore essential to keep the communication with partners alive, and look out for more meaningful partnerships to increase your affiliate earnings over time


Have you used any of these ‘free’ strategies to generate traffic? We would love to hear from you.

Mobile CPA Affiliate – What You Must Know Before Spending on Mobile Advertising

Right now, there is great interest in mobile affiliate campaigns. And why not? Search has become increasing mobile and more and more people are successfully completing their purchase decisions over mobile. As an affiliate marketer, success comes to those who go where customers are. And when customers are increasingly on the mobile, it does make sense to follow, doesn’t it?

However, creating and planning a mobile affiliate campaign is significantly different from planning a regular (web based) affiliate campaign. There are several factors unique to mobile CPA campaigns. This article uncovers the several things you need to know before starting any mobile CPA campaign.

mobile CPA Affiliates - things you should know

However, before getting into that, let us quickly go over the basics.


Understanding Mobile Advertising Basics

 Essentially, mobile advertising can be of two types – on the mobile web or within the mobile apps. The latter is commonly referred to as in-app advertising, while the former is called WAP advertising.

The mobile display advertising formats are similar to those employed in web display ads and include text ads and banners- either static or clickable. Of course most ads are clickable, which is how you, as the affiliate marketer earn your revenue. However unlike web based campaigns, where clicks lead the prospective customer to a landing page or directly to the offer, you can do much more with mobile advertising.

Of course, the click on the mobile can lead to a landing page or an offer, but beyond that, you can also initiate a text message or call, creating an even more effective campaign that greatly increases the chances of conversion.

The pricing models in the mobile performance marketing space are similar to web based affiliate marketing and include CPM (Cost per Mille or 1000 impressions), CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPA (Cost per Action), where a common action is a ‘call’ to the call centre initiated by clicking the link.

 With these basics of mobile CPA advertising in mind, let’s take a look at the various factors you need consider before initiating a mobile affiliate marketing campaign.

1.  Specific Targeting is Crucial

 Not all smart phones are created equal. In web based advertising your ad would be displayed in the same manner, whoever viewed and wherever they viewed it. The same is not true of smart phones – different devices may display the ad differently, depending on screen size and resolution features. Also the degree of interactivity of smartphones and their user characteristics differ. Hence you need to create unique ads targeting specific devices.

Also mobile marketing experts are pointing out that focusing exclusively on smartphones is not a very ‘smart’ idea as feature phones still represent a bulk of the market, especially if you want target an older demographic. Hence this factor also has to be taken into consideration when you are planning a mobile ad campaign.

While most mobile web ads may be adapted for ‘ideal display’ across devices, this factor becomes even more crucial in the in-app advertising. For in-app advertising it is recommended to create device specific campaigns targeting a certain demographic audience which utilizes and interacts with that app on a particular kind of device.

So while your mobile CPA reach may not be as wide (as a web based affiliate campaign), it is definitely more targeted, and can deliver greater ROI.


2.  Carrier Criteria

There are two ways to access internet on the mobile – via the carrier or service provider (AT&T, Verizon etc and 3G and 4G signals) and via WiFi. So you have two prominent mobile traffic sources – carrier and WiFi. The carrier can offer more insightful information about the mobile users, enabling very specific targeting. This is completely missing in WiFi traffic. In fact several advertisers don’t allow WiFi traffic for their campaigns.

Conversion from carrier traffic is high as compared to WiFi traffic as this figure shows.

mobile CPA advertisinng-Carrier traffic conversions are higher

Also advertisers need to enter into agreement with carriers to utilize their resources for serving ads to the customers (after all, it is the carriers’ customers). And often times, the advertiser may have an agreement with one major carrier and not others. If you are promoting such an offer, you need to ensure that your traffic is from the specific carrier or you will not be to monetize the traffic.


3. Understanding Specific Country Guidelines


The telecom rules in different countries are different. In some countries, it is easier to run mobile advertising campaigns than others. Europe for instance, has some of the most stringent regulations in place and penalties for non-adherence are severe too.


The fact is that the mobile advertising space is evolving right now and changes are happening at a very fast pace. The result is that no one really knows what’s coming next or how something will change. Your best bet therefore is to keep your ear close to the ground. Make sure you follow the right mobile CPA blogs, keep abreast of latest news, just so that you don’t slip up in these areas.


4.  Identify the Best Mobile Traffic Sources

 How do you get traffic in droves to your offers?  Previously in this blog, I discussed the top 5 mobile traffic sources you should consider especially with the changing landscape in 2014.  These included Addictive Mobility, Google AdMob Ads and Jumptap in the top 3 positions (in particular order, though). Click here to see the other two and to read the entire article.


5. Test and Track


When it comes to mobile affiliate marketing, there really is no magic formula.  And there are certainly no shortcuts. While the field has huge potential and is extremely lucrative, more mobile affiliate marketers are actually losing money than earning pot loads of it. And those who are earning money are doing so because they earmarked a testing budget.  Do test your campaigns before you roll them out full scale.

And don’t forget to track your campaign performance for valuable insights. As we saw, there are several variables in a mobile CPA campaign such as type of device, screen size, device manufacturer, carrier etc. Without mobile tracking software that, well tracks all these varied factors, it is difficult to know what is working and what is not.


Mobile CPA advertising is here to stay and from the looks of it will be getting more lucrative with each passing day. Are you ready to jump into the fray? Don’t miss out on these factors to make your ‘mobile outing’ a stupendous success. Already a successful mobile affiliate? We would love to hear about your success strategies.

The Top 4 Spy Tools for Affiliates

Do you remember what had happened when Google launched AdWords? Gold rush! Marketing companies started minting millions from those ads. AdWords still remains a decisive marketing channel; however, saturation makes its more expensive and less profitable now.

Most, if not all, fruitful marketing channels eventually meet the same fate. More usage translates to more difficulty in reaping profits for you. What does a good affiliate marketer do? He/she learns to continually search for, experiment with and test new marketing channels. So what is the best way to find the ones relevant to your business? The correct answer is ‘by using spy tools’.

The Top Spy Tools for Affiliate Marketing

The Advent of Spy Tools

Many of us must have fantasized at some point in our lives about being a spy; a super-secretive one, with all that hi-tech gadgetry, a supersonic sports coupe and a super-attractive aide. Sounds pretty exciting, doesn’t it? While it definitely does, in real life most of us have to settle for more practical alternatives.

A great, no-nonsense approach to satisfy our urge to spy and gather secret information, especially as affiliate marketers is to use spy tools.

It would indeed be great to spy on your closest competitors and find out what they are up to! Well, that’s what spy tools are for. Affiliates use a variety of spy tools to gather information on key marketing aspects. What are the traffic sources their competitor is using? What are the types of ads are they broadcasting? What are the keywords they are focusing on? What’s their PPC? A gold mine of such useful information can be yours with spy tools.

Why Use Spy Tools at all?

Why is it really so important to go undercover and take a peek into what your rivals are doing? Doesn’t sound quite ethical, does it? Well, there’s nothing really wrong and we’ll tell you why.

  • Spying gives you an opportunity to discover newer avenues of customer connection and thus helps improve customer retention.
  • It will help you know if your rivals are doing better than you and whether you can match their success.
  • It helps you evaluate their marketing optimization techniques and find out what can be legally duplicated.
  • You can improve upon your plans to outshine competitors based on the spied information rather than assumptions, which may or may not be correct.

After all, this is not industrial espionage we are indulging in. And taking inspiration from someone who’s doing better or at par won’t hurt. Spy tools are an opportunity to ensure that we don’t fail to keep up with competition.

The Top Spy Tools for Affiliates

Spyfu, What Runs Where, SocialAdsNinja, KeywordSpy, SEMrush, The Search Monitor, Open Site Explorer, Alexa, Google Alerts, Talkwalker are only some of the most prominent spy tools employed in affiliate marketing today.

Let’s unearth the secret of success with spy tools around. Let’s talk about the top 4 spy tools for affiliates.

  1. The Top One for Social Media

 One of the most recommended social media spy tools is HyperAlerts. This is quite an expedient email notification service, which can be used for both, Twitter and Facebook pages. You can customize this free social media spy tool to receive alerts by minutes, hours, days, weeks or months. HyperAlerts enables you to multi-task as an administrator while it emails you notifications as per your chosen notification frequency.

The emails that it sends are well formatted, and consist of embedded links to the relevant wall posts and comments. To know more about the #1 spy tool for social media, click here.

2. The Top One for Pay Per Click

 SpyFu is one of the most efficient and powerful spy tools that help you with PPC advertising. It has been designed to expose the secret marketing formula of your competitor. It gives you access to tons of useful data – every lucrative keyword your competitor purchased on AdWords and every ad modification they made in the past 6 years.

SpyFu is a set of tools including SpyFu combat, Keyword Ad History, Keyword Smart Search, SpyFu classic, Domain Ad History and a Variety of Top 100 Lists.

Click here for some brilliant PPC spying tips.

3. The Top One for Media Buying

 WhatRunsWhere is the perfect spy tool that helps you to closely monitor your competitors’ advertising strategy. Additionally, it helps with ad research, ad buying, looking for new traffic sources and split testing. Know where are they buying from and what ads are doing the best. This knowledge will help you enhance your marketing decision making process.

The data that this tool provides comes from 15 countries and is updated on a daily basis. Also, the data spans back to 3 years so that you can conveniently review how successful digital ad strategies evolved.

WhatRunsWhere offers an unparalleled insight into the media buying landscape.

4. The Top One for Pay Per View

BoxofAds is an exceptional tool to spy on your PPV competitors. It helps you get precise actions and exact strategies in a readable and easy-to-use format. Its advanced software gathers data from major Pay-Per-View networks like TrafficVance and Leadimpact.

You can easily get a list of landing pages and even the campaigns working in your area. Its advanced search option saves you time by enabling you to filter by parameters including DateRange, Source, Destination, Age and Hits. They even offer a free 3-day trial.

BoxofAds makes sizing up the competition pretty easy. Get all the info about what your rivals are up to in a jiffy, while saving on time and money that you would otherwise spend on expensive software.

Times have become too demanding and competition is getting stiffer. So do you think you really have a choice of not resorting to these highly intelligent virtual toolkits?

We recommend that you read this important resource for exhaustive information on a plethora of widely used spy tools.

Your turn now. Are you using these tools already as a part of an effective affiliate marketing strategy? Or are you using some other, out of the world, radical spy tool that makes you more secretive than The Bond? Tell us about it; we promise not to share with anyone ;)

What are the Top 5 Mobile Traffic Sources for CPA Affiliates in 2014 and Why

mobile traffic sourcesThe single most crucial factor that determines success for you as a CPA affiliate is the ability to drive tons of targeted traffic to your offers. No doubt, you have your proven traffic generation sources, which have worked well for you in the past. As we step into the New Year, it is perhaps time to re-examine the status quo?

Surge in Mobile Internet Usage

Things are changing and continue to change significantly in the online marketing space. And one of the biggest game changers right now is the increased usage of mobile internet. There are statistics galore on this subject and some eye popping numbers, I quote below

  • Nearly 40% of time spent on the internet is through a mobile device. (Source: Marketing Land)
  • Online shoppers interacted with ecommerce websites to a greater extent via their mobile devices (55%) as compared to laptops and desktops (45%) (Source: Internet Retailer)
  • 2014 is the year when mobile internet usage is predicted to overtake desktop/laptop internet access. (Source: Microsoft Tag)

With these numbers in mind, you have to start looking at mobile traffic sources for your offers.

This article lists down the top 5 mobile traffic sources for 2014.

1.  Addictive Mobility

This is a social media focused mobile advertising network. The network’s hugely popular AMO adSocial technology offers a unique platform to affiliates to leverage various types of social media.  This network follows trends, topics and conversations of users and helps affiliates deliver contextually relevant ads to users in real time. Thus you can reach out to very specific and targeted users via their preferred social media platforms and herein lies the strength of Addictive Mobility.

Social media is growing at an exponential rate and 2014 will see even more people adopting social media. So social media advertising will be an important component of the marketing puzzle in 2014. In fact while predicting the social media marketing trends for 2014, Search Engine Watch mentions specifically that there will be a blurring of lines between organic and paid content on social media. As of now, promoted status updates do not appear very different from the organic status updates except for a ‘sponsored’ tag, which is likely to be missed. In fact, on the mobile browser, people may not even realize that they have clicked on an ‘ad’.

Addictive Mobility has built a reputation for delivering high conversion rates along with significant savings for advertisers resulting in astounding ROI. Given the dominance of social media in 2014, this mobile traffic source is an important one for this year.

2. Google AdMob Ads

This is Google’s Mobile Ads platform. The company AdMob was acquired by Google around three years ago and Google AdMob Ads offers opportunities to display your ads in targeted apps, to reach out to your niche.

Specifically why this traffic source is important in 2014 is fairly obvious- the association with Google. Google is the undisputed leader in online advertising and by taking over AdMob, it is extending its clout in the mobile advertizing space too. This potent combination just cannot be ignored. Plus Google has also integrated AdMob into its Adsense, giving additional advantage to CPA affiliates.

Another advantage of going with Google AdMob Ads includes its compatibility across platforms, enabling your offer to reach users on Android, iOS and Windows systems. Innovative ad formats are available including interactive ad units, which create higher engagement levels.

3.  Jumptap

Jumptap is one of the leaders in offering targeted mobile advertising services. Known for its technological superiority and unique partnerships with third party data providers, this mobile ad network has in-depth understanding of the target audience. As a result, Jumptap is several notches above other networks in delivering ‘intelligent targeting’ services that can be scaled. This network is known to provide the best ROI for advertisers and publishers. As you know, rule #1 of advertising (any advertising) is that more targeted the message, higher the chances of conversion. Hence Jumptap is an important traffic generation source in 2014 and beyond.

Currently, Jumptap has been acquired by one of the biggest players in the mobile advertising space – Millennial Media. Consequently, you can now look forward to more precise customer targeting based on behavioral, contextual, location and several other parameters. Millennial Media is one of the market leaders in providing breakthrough innovative creatives for mobile ad campaigns.

4. Airpush

Airpush is one of the leaders involved data driven mobile advertising for android and iOS. The biggest advantage of Airpush is that it delivers your (advertising) message in the notification tray of the smart phones and not within the app. Hence the message can be more easily viewed, which increases customer engagement to a considerable extent.

In 2014 and beyond, user engagement will be the critical factor for driving traffic. Also if your ads (or messages) are not specifically targeted or tailored for your audience, chances of ‘action’ go down significantly. In that context, the Airpush network is important. Besides, working with this platform is simple as it offers you a world class user interface enabling you to create and manage ad campaigns across varied operating systems –android and iOS.

With HyperTarget- its patent pending mobile ad targeting technology- Airpush studies important information about opted-in users via their app download history. This enables more precise targeting and increases click-throughs and actions.

5.  Medialets

This mobile ad network supports premium mobile ads across devices. This network supports a wide range of ad options including banner displays, rich media and video advertising across smart phones, tablets, mobile apps and across operating systems- Android, iOS, Windows and beyond.

This is significant in 2014 as premium mobile ads means higher level of engagement with the audience. In fact, research confirms the same- online video advertising is 200% more effective than TV advertising. And rich media mobile ads are 4 times as effective as banner ads, according to this report from econsultancy.com.

Mobile traffic is definitely an important component of your CPA marketing process. The key is to target the right traffic for your offer.

These are just some of the mobile traffic sources available out there to drive targeted traffic to your offers. Have you used any of these? We would love your views about them. Or are ther any other sources you think should make it to this list? Do let us know.

How Do Powerhouse Affiliates Find Profitable Campaigns So Easily?

Those who know me personally and through Skype, know that I have been extremely busy over the last 3 weeks to a point of almost insanity working on a new company- including a new private CPA network.

We weeded out nearly 1500 previously known affiliate accounts who were simply wasting valuable time and resources!

Our new team is now going to spend the majority of our time networking with “winning affiliates”, and working with people who know the truth about this industry…and that is – serious profits only come with hard ass work!

We are also getting back to what we do best and that is helping serious players to drive massive amounts of traffic to profitable, well crafted affiliate campaigns.

Now let me be honest, most of the top performing campaigns come to me as a result of “knowing the right people”. That means advertisers and affiliates and network owners. I also work with a team of people and not alone. 

My team and I also share this valuable information to serious affiliates we trust if there is room for more competition – which is usually the case with the types of traffic we target.   

Now you may ask…where can I network with highly paid affiliates, network owners, advertisers and even find profitable campaigns? The answer is below…

PowerhouseAffiliate.com is our brand new site that we have built to meet people and discuss the industry. We are using this not only as a training portal for people who want to improve marketing campaigns, but more importantly as a networking opportunity online not only for you but us especially.

First…we thought about building a free place online to do this, but then it was quickly shot down because the truth is, serious affiliates, advertisers and network owners don’t want leeching eyes, or spammers inside their network – and that’s usually what comes when you make things free. At the same time we felt it was necessary to give everyone a chance to at least test it out first which is why over the next 7 days we are giving 1 month free premium access.

AND….25 Free Lifetime Memberships!

We are also giving out 25 free lifetime memberships to the most active people on the forum in November!

If you come in and participate and help us grow the potential and show signs that you are a SERIOUS player in this game….we would be happy to give you a well deserved lifetime membership for free.

This portal will not be just for accessing training resources which anyone can really find with a Google search – the TRUE benefit of this place is knowing how to use the forum community and private network to improve your own business.

It is all about sharing and allowing access to some of the most lucrative online affiliate marketing campaigns online and staying on top of our game!

The highest paid affiliates we know will get exclusive access to the “Mastermind” area which we intend to use to share the best of the best. We have also included an area for network owners only to discuss important issues. 

Finally in conjunction with the forum and training portal we have built a very private affiliate network as mentioned earlier. Currently it is so private that we are not accepting affiliates from the public, unless we know you personally or online, or you have been invited by one of our top publishers.

This network is also where we run our own internal and high volume advertising campaigns. Sometimes advertisers will give us campaigns and we don’t have enough time or resources to run them but we can now share them with people we meet from inside our community. So if you are part of our community, and participating you will likely get access to these guides.

You can bet that we have the highest payouts online for the offers we run because we have built strong relationships with solid advertisers directly. We are not going to just share these advertisers’ campaigns with people we don’t know.

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CPV Lab vs Prosper 202 – Save Time and Make More Money

I have used prosper202 for over 7 years for one reason – because it was free and the most talked about tracking system at the time.

In 2012 I made the switch to CPV Lab and within a week I had optimized my previous campaigns to a point where I increased my ROI enough to pay for a lifetime licence to CPV Lab in a day of new profits. As a result of switching to CPV Lab I was able to save a ton of time in setting up tests and new campaigns & I was able to now track things I never could before.

It is a shame I did not make the switch sooner. In an effort to save money on a tracking system I really lost out on the real power of a system that can make you more money.

Here is why I believe anyone using prosper202 should immediately switch to CPV Lab especially if you are trying to make money with CPA affiliate marketing campaigns.

CPV Lab Vs  Prosper202

Myth: CPV Lab is only for PPV tracking.

Truth:  CPV Lab is by far one of the top affiliate tracking systems for ALL types of traffic.

CPV Lab Saves Time & Time = Money

  • With CPV Lab you do not have to “generate” a new link every time you want to split test an ad or landing page. This saves an incredible amount of time especially if you want to split test several ads.  All you do is add a variable right into the link and it is automatically tracked.  I found with prosper it was so tedious to split test that I got lazy and this resulted in less testing and definitely less money!
  • In CPV Lab you can clone campaigns with one click! The new campaign has all the same settings as another campaign so you don’t have to go through all the 7 steps that prosper makes you do. Then you can just make minor tweaks like change the LP Urls, title and affiliate links and you are ready for a completely new campaign on the same traffic source within minutes.
  • The tracking code and the redirect link you place on your landing pages is the same code for all campaigns! It NEVER Changes. This means you do not have to go in and create a new code for every single landing page (like you would in prosper202) – this is by far one of the biggest time savers and makes settingcpvlabs2 up new landers to test extremely easy which means more money!
  • There are no tedious dropdown boxes in CPV Lab. In Prosper each drop down can take up to 3 seconds to populate every time you need to make a switch in Prosper – All your campaign settings are done on 1 easy page!

Split Testing in CPV Labs is a Breeze

  • CPV Lab allows you to split test landing pages based on percentages you set. This means you can set LP1 to show 50% of the time, or %90 of the time or whatever percentage you want. So basically if you find a winning landing page you would set it to show more then the new ones you are testing out. I usually do 90% winning LP and 10% new test landing page.
  • If you are trying to split test ads  using prosper you will struggle especially on Bing! Why? Because you will not easily know which ad is which unless you compare clicks on bing stats to your prosper stats. In CPV lab you easily split test ads by adding a simple variable at the end of the link to identify exactly what ad converted.
  • CPV Lab allows you to deep test multiple paths and optins more easily. cpvlabs1

Other Cool Features Prosper202 vs CPV Lab

Click here to see the demo with over 70 more features!

  • CPV Lab still has the “spy feature” which allows you to see all the clicks coming in in real time. I like this because it allows me to see if my campaigns have started and where the traffic is coming from in real time.  Prosper also has this feature.
  • CPV Lab has full technical support and with prosper you pretty much have to use Google searches to solve your problems.
  • CPV Lab will allow you to see exact ROI, and has several different reports that will amaze you when it comes down to really analyzing where you are losing money.
  • CPV Lab shows you exactly how many clicks and profit you made since the last time you logged in.
  • CPV Lab has a cool desktop notification feature that alerts you if a campaign is running wild!

Why my love for Prosper has fizzled…

MYTH: You should use prosper since it is free and easy.

I used prosper for 7 years and still made money. This is not a post to completely bash on Prosper202, but if I could back in time and chose a tracking system to start with, I would have chosen CPVLab Hands Down.

The fact of the matter is Prosper is very time consuming and does not allow me to easily split test. I constantly have to generate new codes. This means it is very easy to “get lazy” and not do proper testing. This will result in campaigns that never get profitable because I don’t have the information I need to make the right decisions.

With CPV Lab you get more information, and over time you will save weeks or months of work.

Of course you will always be faced with tough decisions on how to creatively make your campaigns more profitable, but with CPV lab I have personally found the decisions to be much easier!

So if you need to decide on a tracking system or want to make money with existing campaigns check out CPV Lab.



Will Gmail’s Promotions Tab Mark the Demise of Email Marketing Software?

Say hello to Gmail’s new promotions tab and goodbye to email marketing software such as Aweber or Get Response.

In an effort to combat fear among email marketers, in a recent post Aweber recently told marketers to just relax .  But, there will likely be no relaxing among one of the largest online marketing communities – Email marketers.

promotions tab aweberThe bottom line is, if you use email marketing software such as Aweber or Get Response your emails will likely end up in the promotions tab on GMAIL. But is that really how Gmail is filtering emails? No one really knows what is sending them to the promotions tab, but we know it has changed the way we will do business with email marketing.

Many have argued that this wont make a big change among open rates and click rates but we recently did our own research and found out that this change is in fact a DRASTIC one.

Preliminary results show that people are treating the promotions tab just like they treat their junk folder tab. In other words they may open the tab, but if they do, it is likely after 4 – 7 days of messages piling up in there, then they browse through the list quickly and see if anything strikes them as critical then select all messages and hit the delete button.

Aweber argues that people will want to read your messages and will go the extra step to move your messages into their inbox. They have not provided any evidence to suggest this and in fact the only real evidence we see is in our own statistics.

We recently did a test on one of our lists containing around 4500 subscribers. Of that list we had a staggering 35% of our subscribers who use GMAIL. We did not target gmail users when creating the list it just worked out that way.

1st Finding  – Slow open Rates

The test showed very slow open rates compared to our messages prior to the changes. Meaning the opens were spread out over 7 – 14 days as opposed to before where they would mostly occur in the first 1 – 2 days.  So it is clear people are not actively watching for messages that don’t come directly to the inbox.

2nd Finding – Lower open Rates

The rates were lower overall. We will continue to monitor over the coming weeks, but they are low enough to suggest we may need to look at other solutions.

Aweber provides the following quote in their post with regard to knowing the real impact:

But as Silverpop’s Loren McDonald notes, “It will likely take 12 to 18 months before we can truly understand the impact.”

In our opinion we can “truly understand the impact” after just one 1 follow-up message.  Now we need to measure the impact over a few weeks maybe a month and perhaps find another solution.

So What is The Solution? 

Well we are not going to try and pretend we know the solution.

This is still a fairly new change many people are still trying to figure out how Google actually filters messages.

If history is any indication of what will happen next, then this is not just going to stop at Google.  It likely won’t be long before Hotmail and Yahoo and other big players follow suit if they haven’t already.

Some suggest that the email headers are where the filter begins, some suggest it is the content in the message or a combination of both, and some suggest that we need to go to a server based email marketing system like Interspire.

One thing for sure that we know is, if our messages continue to go into the promotions tab the number of sales will drop as they have already. On that note, we will continue to monitor our stats and at the same time examine other solutions like Interspire or other server based platforms.

What do you think? Please post your comments below. 

10 Ways You Can Use Fiverr to Make Loads of Easy Money

fiverrNowadays, we hear a lot about affiliates who outsource or use others to make more money using the internet. Well today I want to cover 10 ideas to make money on Fiverr using Gigs.

Today I am going to talk about a few “Fiverr Methods” that seem to be floating around the internet.

If you don’t know what Fiverr is it is basically a site where you can go and find people who will do literally just about anything for $5. You basically buy a “gig” and the person does whatever they say they will do for $5. You do not have to worry about losing your money because the site is linked to paypal, and they have a good reputation to make sure you get your Gig.

All you need is a paypal account and you can pretty much become the “master of $5 puppets” that will do anything for you just to get that $5 bill.

By the time you finish reading this article you should be convinced to at least try some Fiverr Gigs to help boost your online sales and revenue.

Method # 1 –  Use Fiverr to Get Freebies 

fiverr affiliateMany affiliates give away free ebooks to get subscribers. Well the fact is most people don’t write these books themselves. Instead they hire someone to write which can be costly.

I remember one ebook I hired someone to write cost me $300 and today I found a similar offer on Fiverr for only $5 about “Gluten Free”. The best part about Fiverr is there is a search bar so you can search any keyword + ebook and you will probably find what you need.

Some people go to PLR websites that cost over $40 a month just to get the content. But with Fiverr you can buy up to 10 or 20 ebooks with full rights just for $5 total. You can then give these away to people to join your list and market to them with follow up emails.

Method # 2 – Use Fiverr to Boost Your Social Proof

Have you ever seen affiliates who place a Facebook Like Box on their websites?

make money fiverrWell this method works extremely well in helping the landing page convert especially if you have a ton of Facebook likes. But how do you get Facebook likes? Fiverr is the answer. There are some gigs on Fiverr offering up to 10,000 Facebook likes! If people come to a page with thousands of likes then they are much more likely to interact with that page especially if it looks professional.

Method #3 – Use Fiverr as a Buy and Sell Haven

To put it simply you would be buying and selling  services or digital goods for a profit. Simple enough! Just like any other business. Actually you could be buying services or digital products through another site like freelancer.com at a lower cost price and reselling them at a higher selling price on Fiverr. All this can be done electronically and with a little effort that you would need to put in to be able to market the product. For example, there are tons of people on Freelancer that will write articles. Sometimes you can find very decent $500 word articles for $2-$3 each. You could then set up a gig on Fiverr and promise to have articles done for $5 each. This is just one example of the many ways you can set up gigs to make profits.

Method #5 – Use Fiver for Design Services

This is a great one in my opinion. You can set up a site offering low cost videos, and design services and sell it in places like Warrior Forum or any other Affiliate related forum or even advertise on newbie related webmaster forums. Most people will be attracted to low cost design work. Then you can have the person fill in a form of exactly what they want then search for it on Fiverr. Of course you can use the design services to ramp up your own landing pages too.

Over time the Gigs you buy on Fiverr will become an asset for you since you will know who to use for your services. You can resell the services for up to %400 mark up easily.

Method #6 – Use Fiverr to Promote CPA Offers

fiverr trafficAnother great affiliate traffic source especially for social media traffic. Many people on Fiverr will post your message on their Facebook fan pages or their walls with thousands of fans and friends to see it. This works great especially if you link to a CPA offer that is related to the fan page or group of friends demographic. You can even go further and try to make something viral first (like a video or Pic) and then have the person post it. Make sure you link back to your affiliate offer or your own fan page.

Method # 7 – Use Fiverr to Find Affiliate Marketing Methods

Believe it or not there are hundreds of ways to make money as an affiliate and sometimes people are very generous in giving away methods. You can find some decent coaching on Fiverr from some affiliates who provide video coaching. If you are still unsure of how you want to go about your online business then try fiverr for training. A lot of the material can be good quality and much cheaper than spending hundreds of dollars on an ebook or video course.

Method # 8 – Use Fiverr to Create Mobile Apps

fiver mobile appMobile apps are great for monetizing because you can use ads in your app to make money.  You can check out Admob.com or something similar to monetize. All you need is a useful app. Many people think you need some crazy awesome app before it will go viral but I disagree. Have a look a look a some of the most simple apps like a “flashlight app” and you will see millions of people who downloaded it. It just needs to be something that people use. One idea is to create a game for toddlers. Why you ask? Because parents want to keep their toddler entertained when they go to restaurants and during other functions like church. So the parent downloads and installs the app, and then the toddlers just keep pressing the screen and eventually they are going to click on the ad at the bottom and you get paid for every click. ;).  Yes this one is a bit dirty…but I never said this was going to be all sweet and stuff…and in my opinion the real dirty ones are the people advertising on toddler games anyway! HaHa.

Method # 9 – Use Fiverr to Get Viral Pics/Vids

viral fiverrHave you ever seen those pictures or videos floating around your Facebook wall that everyone shares? Usually something funny or just plain weird? Well there are literally thousands of Gigs on Fiverr that can get you a pic or video like that for $5. Sometimes even more than 1 picture for $5. These can go a long way in getting traffic to your own monetized fan pages or even directly to a CPA offer. One approach is to first get the picture designed on fiverr, then buy a gig from someone with active fans and have them post it. Total cost could be lest than $10 and you could get a flood of traffic.

Method # 10 – Use Fiverr for Direct Advertising

Many people try to sell their ad space on Fiverr and sometimes you can find decent blogs related to your product or affiliate offer that can get you some decent traffic for only $5.

bannerIf you do a bit of research and check their Alexa.com rank you might find some great places suitable for your products.

I think I could go on all day on how to make money using Fiverr but these 10 ideas can be a great start.

You can easily get started today.


Then go and check out all their gigs under the business section. You can even search for anything you want.

Sometimes it really is amazing what people will do for $5!

wierd fiver


How Cool Is that? 

Ultimate List of Affiliate Resources – From Warrior Forum

I was just browsing the Warrior Forum and found this awesome list of resources from Devid Farah. I thought I would share the list and here is the link if you want to check it out.
The IM MagicBox
By Devid Farah

Web Hosting
(the best of the best,not free but really cheap and professional)


Free Domain Tools

NameCheap – One of the best domain registrar!
Pc Names – Great instant domain check engine!
Domain Tools – Search for expired domains!
Domains Bot -Turn your ideas into killer domains!
Deleted Domains
Domin Typo Generator -This tool will generate a list of common misspellings for the given domain name.

Free Guides on Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing

Free Internet Marketing, Advertising and Business Ebooks
7 Totally Free Ways To Get More Traffic
Creating an Online Business 101
All About Internet Marketing
An Introduction to Internet Marketing
Affiliate Marketers Handbook
Affiliate Marketing Tips and Strategies
Free Report on Article Marketing
Article Leverage System
Free Videos on Article Marketing
Quickest Way to Online Profits
The Problem with Affiliate Links
Digital Product Profits

Free ebooks with Resell Rights

Free Resale Rights Private Label Rights Ebooks, Software and More! – Register to get Free PRIVATE ACCESS to 1000’s of Money Making Resale and Private Label Rights Digital Product That You Can Resell and Keep 100% Profit!
Download Free Ebooks With Resell Rights – This site offers 263 free ebooks with resell rights to all visitors.
Free Ebooks
Download 10 Free Ebooks With Resale Rights Here
eBooks With Resale Rights – eBooks With Resell Rights

Free PLR Articles

Easy PLR – Free articles and reports
Endless Free PLR
Get PLR Articles daily
Free PLR Articles
PLR Article Directory
Free Quality Articles
PLR Monger
PlrArticlesFree.net- Free PLR Articles / Download Free PLR Website Contents & Ebooks

Free SEO Guides and Tutorials

SEO in practice – Superb free SEO guide!
Top 10 SEO Tips
Self SEO
Google SEO Starter Guide

Free SEO Software

SEO Surf – Great software to optimize your website and study your competitor’s websites!
SEO Spyglass – Another tool to spy on your competitors!

Free Web Templates

Free Layouts
Templates Box
e-Web Templates – Download Free Templates – Web, eCommerce, CMS, Blog, Mobile templates, Images, Logos and more
Ex Designz – Provides FREE (Open Source) XHTML, CSS tableless layout Web templates which are nice looking, professional and can be used free for personal and business Websites.
Free Web Templates – Good selection of templates, buttons and backgrounds, including business templates, fan club templates, frames templates, gaming templates,and user templates too. They also offer a help forum.
Template Yes
Free Website Templates
2 Create Website
Templates Perfect
2D Web Design
Hero Templates
50 Free CSS/(X)HTML Templates
Stunning HTML email Templates
Template World
Template Monster
100 Free Super High-Quality XHTML/CSS Templates
Dreamline Studio
99 High-Quality Free (X)HTML/CSS Templates
40+ Free High Quality CSS/HTML Templates
Free CSS Templates
Oswd – This site offers over 2000 free templates that you can share!
Open Designs
Templates Basket – You can download UNLIMITED Templates!
Free Mail Templates – Free Email Templates
Mar Baro – A collection of free HTML Templates built using tableless XHTML and CSS. The only rule is that if you use this templates for free, you need to leave the link back to my website intact.
Quackit – Quackit offers a range of HTML templates that you can use to build your own website.
These templates are easy to use, and enable you to get a website up and running very quickly.
Graphics by Design – Templates and more!
Elated – Excellent collection of over 40 site templates. Each contains multiple page layouts, HTML code and graphics.
Free Templates Online – Free templates resource.
Download professional web templates absolutely free of charge
Free Site Templates – Excellent selection of templates in many different styles, including business designs, personal sites and fast loading pages.Some designs are really amazing!
GW Web Design – Download the zip file. Templates are PSP format, some PhotoShop knowledge is needed.
Hoover Web Design – Free Web templates and free Web interfaces ready for you to download! J
Templates Hunt – Many FREE Templates to donwload!
Steve Templates – It is required a link back to “Steve-Templates.com as stated in their Terms and Conditions
Web Zone Templates – Free business, flash templates,generic templates and high tech templates.

Free Sales Page Graphics

Sean Lowery’s MinisiteGraphics.com – Minisite Design, Direct Marketing
MEGA SALES Graphics Pack | 6,500+ Sales Page Graphics
Web 2.0 Images Graphics Icons Opt-in Templates and more!
MiniSites Unlimited: MiniSite Graphics
DIY Website Graphics :: Mini Site Graphics : Web Graphics

Free HTML Tutorials,learn everything about HTML

W3Schools – This is the world’s largest web development site.Learn how to create websites!
Page Tutor – All sorts of HTML, Javascript and web authoring tutorials, from absolute beginner stuff to more advanced material.
BoogieJack – HTML and CSS Explained in Plain English
YourHTMLsource – One of the few web development tutorial sites that has been kept modern along the way.They have many stuff!
Best HTML Tutorials – Create a website the easy way!
Html Tutorials By John C. Gilson – Many HMTL Lessons and Tutorials
Writing Html – You can download the tutorial files!
Web Source – Your Guide to Professional Web Site Design and Development.It is a great source to learn HMTL and even has codes that you can copy and paste to add to your site!
Website Tips – Tutorials,Tips ang many great resources inside!
Html Code Tutorial
Dynamic Drive

Free PSD Website Templates (with psd files!)

70+ Ultimate Round-Up of Free PSD Website Templates
Best Free Web Resources
Free Photoshop Templates
Web Appers – 25 Slick PSD Website Templates Free for Download
FreePSD – Everything Photoshop! Free psd templates and free wordpress themes.
150 Best Free PSD Templates

Free Minisites templates with PSD!

Mini Sites | Free-Ebooks-Canada – This site offer free ebooks,reports,videos graphics,software,wordpress themes and minisite templates!
7 Minisite Graphic Templates

Free Minisites Templates WITHOUT PSD

GreatMiniSiteTemplates – Over 100 minisite templates!
Hot Minisites Templates – 10 super hot minisite tempaltes!
Quick Site Studio – 7 professionally designed minisite templates!
Minisite Business Template
Power Minisites – You can download 10 Free Minisite templates
Snoob Design
Brave Minisite Templates

Free WordPress Themes

Excellent WordPress Themes
WordPressThemesBase – Great collection of very good free wordpress themes.
WordPress.org – Free WordPress themes directory! Over 1300 themes!
WP Explorer – Download some of the best themes out there!
SkinPress – A collection of high quality free wordpress themes with adsense support,and twritter support!
Themes Rock-kitty – “Free WordPress Themes and Premium WordPress Themes”
Free WordPress Themes | Best Free WordPress Themes

Free eCover Creators

Create eCovers for Free!
Cover Commander
Donation Coder
Free Software Box Creator

Free Logo Creators

Free Logo Maker
Logo Maker
Logo Ease – Professional quality logos with few clicks!
Web 2.0 Free Logo Generator
CoolText Graphics Generator
The Logo Creator
AAA Logo (Free Trial)
3D Logo and Banner Creator
Free Logo Services

Free Banner Creators

Banner Break
Banner Builder
My Banner Maker – Create free banners online easily for your Myspace, Youtube, or just about any other website!
Live Banner Maker
Banner Generator
Banner Snack
Free banner creator – Free banner creator,Create custom ad banners online!
Free Banner.net
Quick Banner
Banner Sketch

Free Photoshop Tools

- Brushes
Get Brushes – Incredible collection of themed brushes!
Cloud No9 v.1.0
Free Photoshop Brushes
Free Photoshop Brushes
Free Photoshop Brushes
Brushes and Patterns
Blinding Light – Download PS Brushes


Photoshop Patterns
650+ Free Photoshop Patterns – Web Design Blog – DesignM.ag


220 Amazing Free Photoshop Layer Styles
750+ Free Photoshop LayerStyles
300+ Free Layer Styles

Free Website Builders/Creators

Weebly – Create a website super fast!
Professional Websites in minutes!
Web Page Creator – Create web pages for free!
WebStarts – It is considered the #1 free website builder!

Free HTML editors

NVU – A great editor to edit your web pages!
Page Breeze- This is an affiliate marketing tool that covers all WYSIWYG editing basics for your web pages.
CoffeeCup Editor
Komodo Edit
Trellian Webpage

Free Article Spinning Tools

FreeArticleSpinner – Write article in seconds!

Free FTP Software

Core FTP

Free Keyword Suggestion/Research and Trend Tools

Google Keyword Tool
Keyword List Generator
Wordtracker/Free Keywords
Yahoo Buzz
Good Keywords (Free Trial)
KGen (Firefox add on) – This is a great extension of Firefox that allows you to see what keywords are strong on visited web pages for search engines.It is also a good tool to “spy” your competitors keyword strategies.
SEO Book
Keyword Finder

Free Link Building and Analysis Tools

Link Search Tool
Google Webmaster Tools
Backlink Checker
Bulk Backlink Checker
Link Dagniosis – Great Tool to examine your link competition!
Backlink Watch – Check a website’s backlink URL’s, anchor text and total outbound links!
Hub Finder
Backlink Analyzer – This tool performs many of the same tasks of SEO Elite but for free!

Free Traffic MonitoringTools

Aaddzz- Many counters and trackers with an incredible number of font styles!
eXtremeTracking- One of the best trackers!
Google Analytics
Yahoo Analytics
5 Second Test

Free Bookmarking Tools

Transmute – Bookmark converter to export bookmarks between all of the major web browsers: Chrome,Firefox,Microsoft Internet Explorer,Safari,Opera and more!
Magic Bookmarks – Another tool to save your favorite sites in an organized way and allows to open multiple sites.
Google Bookmarks- It allows you to save and create bookmarks that can be accessed anywhere.

Free Mail Tools

Email Extractor – Easy-to-use tool to recover your customers e-mail addresses from your mailbox or contact files.
1&1 Mail – Great free email marketing software to help small and medium business send out mass email campaigns with confidence, and manage email newsletters.
Bravenet – Build your mailing list and you can also send newsletters with this free autoresponder!
Mail Tester- Check if an email address is valid or not!

Free PDF Creators

PDF Converter
PDF Online

Free PDF to Word Converters

HelloPDF – PDF to Word Converter
Free PDF to Word Converter

Great Free Misc. PDF Tools!

OpenOffice – The greatest free alternative to Word! It has a feature that convert .doc to PDF!
PDF Forms Designer – A great tool that let you edit existing pdf!
PDF Hammer – Free Online PDF Editor!
Web2PDF – Great tool that let you add a “save page as PDF” button to your website!
BullZip – Write PDF documents from virtually any Microsoft Windows application. You can also set passwords,encrypt and add watermarks!
RSS2PDF – Create a PDF from an RSS Feed!
PDF to MP3 – Amazing tool converts a PDF to an MP3!
HTML to PDF – Another amazing tool that convert any webpage to a PDF!

Free Personal Finance Tools

Money Manager – Great software which helps you organize your finances and keeps track of where, when and how the money goes. Simple,fast and clean!
AceMoneyLite – Very easy software that helps you manage your budgets,track spending habits,do online banking and more!
HomeBank – Simple, user interface, allows for tracking of accounts, payees, assignments, archives, budgets, and categories including bank, cash, asset, credit card and liabilities.

Niche Research Sites: Finding Killer Topics to write about

Amazon Bestsellers
Barnes and Nobles BestSellers
Magazines – Amazing site to find HOT topics!
Trend Watching
Google Trends
Yahoo Buzz
Tips and Answers
Paypal Shops
Trend Hunter
AOL Hot Searches

Free Affiliate Marketing Tools

Clickbank Commission Calculator – This tool will tell you exactly how much commission both the affiliate and the merchant will receive from ClickBank!
CBEngine – An incredible site to analyze Clickbank products!
Tracking202 – Affiliate Marketers can track, monitor, and calculate all your PPC accounts and campaigns.
LinkedTube – LinkedTube is an outstanding free and valuable tool for the Affiliate Marketer who wants to get into Video Marketing!

Joint Ventures sites

JV Millionaires – Great Joint Venture Network!
JV Notify Pro
JV University
JV Alert

Free Classified Ads (Post Classified ads for free!)

Free Ad Forum

Top Firefox Add-Ons

Feedly – Feedly automatically imports your Live Bookmarks, Google Reader Feeds and Twitter followers, and combines the data into a clean magazine interface that’s immediately readable.
PDF Download – Use this tool to eliminate browser problems, view PDFs directly in Firefox as HTML.
Xmarks Sync – #1 bookmarking add-on. Keep your bookmarks, passwords and open tabs backed up across computers
Deja Click – Record your favorite browser activities and also create bookmarks!
Ad Block – Block annoying adverts!
ScribeFire – With this add on you can easily post web content to your blog!
Safe Browsing Tool – Safe surfing tool for your browser. Traffic-light rating symbols show which websites you can trust when you search, shop and surf on the Web.

Free Audio Tools and Resources

Audacity – free and great software for recording and editing sounds.
Audio Toolbox – Top quality sound recording software!
Free Conference Call – Great tool! Your teleconferencing line is available to you 24/7!
Voices – Incredible site to find talents for you voice over projects!

Free Website Tools

Bravenet-Guestbook – Add a guestbook to your website!
Bravent-Chat- Keep in touch with your friends or offer customer support!
Users Online – Monitor your visitors via a browser
Faq Section – Add a faq section to your website
Speaking Character – Add easily a speaking character to your website!
Browser Shots – Check how your site looks in various screen resolutions!

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3 Reasons Why Pay Per View Traffic Sucks

If you get into PPV traffic you need to understand that it involves daily campaign maintenance and a ton of work to get things right.


If you plan on buying traffic from places like LeadImpact.com, or TrafficVance.com just be warned that it can be a ton of hard work that might not be profitable without doing  several tests and spending several hundred dollars.

3 Reasons Pay Per View Traffic Sucks

1. Campaigns are short lived – most ppv campaigns in my opinion are short lived and this is due to many factors but a couple important ones are:

  • there are only so many people who have downloaded the “adware” that triggers your ads
  • After a few months many people have already seen your ad and most of them get “blinded” by it and totally ignore it.

2. Huge Bidding Wars - If you find some nice pockets of traffic, eventually others are going to find it too. Many people people have software that can do their bidding for them on auto pilot so you constantly have to watch your campaigns and update bids.

3. Difficult to get low cost per click.  – Many people think that because you are spending 0.01 cents per view that this is cheap but the fact is this is CPM traffic. You are actually paying $10 CPM and that’s a minimum! Nowadays you are probably going to be spending at least $15 to $20 per 1000 views. As you can see in my post about media buys there are a ton of places you can buy traffic for a fraction of that minimum cpm.

So now that you know a few issues surrounding this traffic source you know what to expect.

Don’t get me wrong, many people make a ton of money from PPV traffic you just need to know what works and study what others are doing to become successful. One of the best places to start is with the post I created on 4 PPV Tools that Will Almost Guarantee Profits. 


Top 3 Free Traffic No No’s – The Real Way to Get Free Website Traffic


Free Traffic CPAAs a webmaster who wants to make money from their website, it  is extremely important for you to know how to generate traffic for your website efficiently. Many people looking to take advantage of online business begin by looking for free traffic sources to generate traffic cheaply.

For this reason, it is extremely important for you to know where you need to promote your website so that you can acquire high amounts of traffic without spending weeks doing things that quite frankly don’t work anymore!

Being in this field for many years myself, I have developed several sites but my main focus has always been paid traffic. Recently I have been getting lots of free traffic but not from your traditional time wasters that I have tried several times to no success.

I feel I have accumulated A LOT of knowledge in both free and paid traffic but I am not claiming to be an expert since my experience has also lead me to figure out just how business operates on the internet – meaning what works one day can be completely outdated the next day.

In the long run, I have come to find out that traditional SEO or search engine optimization is probably one of the biggest time wasters for internet marketers, particularly those tasks that are focused on link building.  I have discovered over time that focusing merely on the on-page optimization of my websites and social media results in much more success in terms of free traffic and higher rankings.

Is just having traffic going to make money?

Here is a story of how some people I personally know have wasted weeks and sometimes years of work (I share this because I think it is important that if you find yourself in the same boat you will be able to see the problem sooner) :

First they set up a site and try to promote some type of affiliate offer or even their own offers, then spend weeks trying to get free traffic to the site and maybe if they are lucky they start seeing a trickle of traffic (10 – 50 people a day) but they still make no money. Then they get desperate and start searching Google or marketing forums for other different methods and spend another few weeks trying these until they have spread their work out so thin that no methods seem to be working. Then they quit.  

If this sounds familiar or you also know people who have done some similar things then hopefully this post will shed some light on it.

Monetizing a Website

The first problem they encounter is that even by having a beautifully designed, eye catching and totally appealing website with all the perfect navigation is not going to make you money unless you know how to monetize it properly.

Monetizing a website simply means converting visitors into revenue. To do this there are several methods that I will not cover in this post but they include banners, adsense, reviews that link to affiliate products, email capture forms and follow-up emails, paid advertising spots etc.

There are several different ways to monetize a site and for this reason, it becomes extremely important for us to test different ads and monetization methods, but to also make sure our website is promoted in just the right manner so that it delivers value and acquires loyal visitors in the long run!

Top 3 Free Traffic Time Wasters

Finally here are what I call the top 3 leading time wasters. These are things I would never spend a second of my own time or a single penny doing. The reason is because I know that spending the same amount of effort creating good content, or viral content for Facebook and Twitter is enough to surpass any of these methods.

Submitting to numerous Web Directories

Many people think that submitting to hundreds of directories is going serve a major benefit  of acquiring backlinks through online directories. This is false. If you are adamant on submitting to directories, then there might be only 3 – 5 that are worth your effort and the rest are complete garbage that will only hurt you. Depending on your niche there may be a couple more you can find but really that’s all you need.

I’m not even going to try and list top directories here because it’s simple enough to do a google search, plus I don’t want to list a directory cause tomorrow it could be flagged by Google :).

Blog  Comments

Basically this involves trolling the internet in search of blogs that are related to the niche of the website that you have at hand. Then start leaving comments on the content. While this does actually make it possible for you to get a link to your website in your comment’s signature, in my opinion the amount of comments it takes to see results, and the time it takes to do this is completely a waste.

Solution? You would get much better results and exposure if you focus on 5 – 10 high traffic and high authority blogs in your niche and contact the site owners and ask if they would allow you to post a guest blog post with a link to your blog.

Social bookmarking

Bookmarking your content on countless social bookmarking sites has truly become one of the most annoying and worthless ways of promoting a website. First of all many of these sites are completely packed solid with so much content that your little links are never going to get actual clicks, secondly many of these sites have become no-follow which means you get no credit for the link, thirdly Google likely does not even count them anymore, and finally it takes way to much time even with useless software programs – you still need to sit there and manage the software program that is full of flaws!

What is the Best Free Traffic Source?

Social Media Hands Down….

free trafficThis is in my opinion should be the only means of promoting your website using free traffic for at least the first month or two and should be an ongoing effort. Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter are surely going to bring in ample amounts of traffic and is also going to help you acquire substantial backlinks and credibility. The kind of traffic that these sites already receive guarantees that your website is going to receive substantial promotions. The best part is that these are already fairly high ranking websites, so marketing your website over them means that your site is going to receive lots of good backlinks.

So instead of trying to explain all the various ways you can use these sites to your advantage let me just give you some links to a few different methods and tools that have work wonders for many people I know. It is time to start taking your free traffic efforts to the social media platforms:


Free Guide – How to Build a Following on Facebook and Cash in $$$ Daily!

14 Free Social Media Marketing Tools Every Marketer Must Know About

A Facebook Traffic Trick Using Sponsored Stories & 4 Ways to Monetize it

For a Free Twitter Traffic Method Get Our Free Course ‘CPA Cash Vault’ on the Left Sidebar.

Google’s Goggles are Getting Clearer & SEO Sucks for Affiliates

Well I am just about sick of all these so called “SEO experts” spamming my comment forms and sending me emails relentlessly telling me my SEO sucks and that I need to buy their services if I want any hope to make money online.

SEO sucks

Today I am writing this post to lash back and tell the SEO gurus that in fact YOUR SEO SUCKS.

How to do proper search engine optimization (SEO) has been an ongoing debate since the evolution of search engines themselves. I am not claiming to be an SEO expert but I do know from experience that I have never been hit by any Google algorithm updates and I continue to get daily organic traffic to my sites, so I must be doing something right.

Is SEO dead?

No, SEO will never die as long as there are Search Engines, but…the battlefield for websites trying to rank #1 in Google changes every day and while many may not agree, it seems that the field has been leveled for those actually interested in producing a quality experience online.

Google has improved their algorithm again and again and it doesn’t look they are quitting any time soon. A

long with strengthening their spam control, they have also made it increasingly difficult for websites to influence search rankings through spammy link building methods and fake content methods.

So why waste your valuable time falling for the SEO B.S.?

SEO Has Become High Risk for Low Reward
There will always be people out there selling seo which is often nothing more than paid backlinks. As long as there are webmasters naive enough to buy the SEO services, it will continue being a billion dollar industry.There are many different definitions as to what SEO actually means – but the one common mistake people make is they confuse SEO as a source of traffic. SEO is not a traffic source. In its most simple form – SEO is a process to try & rank sites higher in search engines – which results in traffic from organic searches.

The war against paid links hiked in 2008, where Google made it clear about their zero tolerance policy. Google had enough of the rampant backlinks that were nothing more than spam, and that started a more aggressive and pro-active fight against the paid links and overly aggressive SEO. Even big companies like Dun & Bradstreet, Forbes, Overstock and JCPenney were scrutinized through Google’s goggles, and were ultimately penalized.

Backlinking is a Waste of Time & Money

Link building systems such as SENuke as well as link networks such as BuildMyRank.com still claim to be effective SEO tools even though they are designed for one thing only and that is unnaturally creating more backlinks for a site. These companies will never give up because they know there are still people out there that believe all the hype and “false hopes” about SEO.

Is SEO Good For Business?

SEO seems to be good for brand awareness and credibility, but online affiliate marketers want to rank sites because they think it is a good way to get traffic & make money.  To directly or indirectly make money from SEO you need to understand the real cost and benefit of SEO. The problem is it is very difficult to calculate ROI on SEO until far into the future.

The fact of the matter is if you are trying to make money online as a marketer focusing on traditional SEO to get natural long term search traffic, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Most of the top bloggers and affiliate marketers no longer care about SEO because they know their content itself is what actually drives natural traffic not only from search engines but from social media platforms. With more buzz around the internet website rankings go up naturally. So most people have made the shift from old SEO backlinking methods, to the more simple approach which is focussing on producing good content designed to engage people – this makes money.

But how do you make money this instant if all you do is focus on creating content?

Well unfortunately that’s the price you have to pay and that’s why SEO sucks – but you can still make money in the short term by bringing in other paid traffic sources to view your content and landing pages.

By creating high quality content and buzz on social media platforms eventually high rankings for multiple keywords (organic search traffic) will be a major benefit. How you monetize this traffic is a different story.

2 More Reasons Why SEO Sucks For Business

#1 SEO makes your business Google-dependent.

Any business that’s Google-dependent is quite frankily one algorithm-change away from a potential financial disaster. I’d certainly hate to have to make a living just from traffic that comes as a result of SEO.

SEO Results in an Unstable & Unpredictable Source of Traffic 

Stable search rankings take months & sometimes years and is often not even the result of SEO efforts but comes from natural buzz around your site or content. Realistically it can take a year to determine if a keyword is profitable at a high ranking in Google.

What is the Solution?

Scrap SEO and focus on diversity, good content, and various traffic sources.

Don’t associate SEO services with ranking websites when in fact most services and “tactics” can hurt your search engine rankings.

If your goal is to create a long term stable source of income then you need to focus on creating content that is valuable and link it to social media platforms. Forget backlinking, and comment spam, and article directories, and all the other methods.

The truth is – building natural websites with good original content and engaging readers through social media is  the only real answer to long term stability in search engines.  

If you spend your time creating decent content and real hype on social media platforms you will get paid back ten times more than if you spend the same amount on SEO services.

But if your main focus is on making money now you should consider incorporating paid traffic into the mix. Organic traffic takes weeks and years to see results, and paid traffic is nearly instant. So before investing in any software program or SEO services, try buying some traffic from Facebook and sending it to a Facebook page that is linked to your website content.

This type of paid traffic can compliment your long term efforts in producing a strong following that will give you the long term”bonus” traffic that comes from organic searches.

I want to finish by quashing 2 so called benefits of SEO I found on a website selling SEO services today :

High ROI – The fact is SEO takes weeks and sometimes years to see any traffic and then it takes time to actually calculate ROI based on your work and money spent trying to rank a keyword. This is very high risk especially if you put all your time and investment into trying to rank something that turns out doesn’t convert.

Long Term Positioning – There is no way to guarantee long term positioning with SEO. The algorithms change constantly but one thing that always stays the same is the need for good original content and social media buzz.

So the answer is – if you want long term Free organic traffic – start producing more content, link to social media, and stop focusing on backlinks and shady SEO services.

How to Start Listbuilding – The Basics

list building  List building is a topic that has gained immense popularity in the online world. For those who don’t know, subscriber lists hold a lot of importance if you wish to grow your business. Such lists basically give you leads to individuals who have taken an interest in acquiring your products and services.

So how do I start list building?

One of the easiest means of building a list, is to start collecting subscriber leads. These can easily be gathered through email or even by means of your website using a number of different forms and free giveaways.

Create opt-in leads
These are basically the leads that you acquire by asking people to enter their information into your database. Once they enter their contact details and confirm them, they basically give you the permission to contact them later on, whenever you introduce new products and services or introduce updates on to your website.

Wondering how this works? Well, whenever you create a website for yourself, you basically create it in such a manner that every single person that visits it is given the opportunity to either sign up for a newsletter, or some other type of routine email procedure – like “get a free ebook!”.

Actually, when visitors sign up on to your website, they basically ‘opt in’ to receive emails as being part of your list. Designing and setting up such a site is basically going to make it possible for you to acquire the email addresses of your visitors. The best thing to do in this regard is to point out all the benefits that they would get to enjoy if they sign up on to your website.

Acquire survey leads

Another means of acquiring leads is to carry out surveys over your website. What you basically need to do is place survey ads over your website. This way, these would open up each time that someone visits your website.

Now, you might be wondering how you can actually get people to fill out surveys over your website. Why would people even be interested in doing so? There are countless people out there who actually have fun filling out surveys. However, not everyone does so, right? For this reason, you would need to employ a few tactics and subtly encourage them to provide their contact details to you.

Give them reasons to believe you. Tell them how beneficial it would be for them to fill out the survey given on your website. Remember, it is not advisable at all for you to just assume that they know about the benefits that they can reap by filling out a survey on your website. You need to tell them in clear words about it.

No matter what it is that you want people to sign up for, one of the easiest tactics is to send out giveaways.

On the whole, you basically just need to make a totally irresistible offer, something that they just won’t be able to ignore, in order to get them to give you their email. The most important thing though is to follow up with those leads to give them what you promised!

Acquire and Convert leads With an Autoresponder

Now in order to get started with lead gathering, the very first thing that you need to do is choose an auto responder like Aweber.  Through these programs, you are basically going to acquire information on an instant basis and be able to send messages on auto pilot. This is basically going to make it possible for you to send out confirmation emails right away to the new subscribers that you have added to your list.

How do I start benefiting from the list that I have built?

When you work so hard to build a list, you would obviously want to benefit from it too, right? Now, there are countless means of doing so, but two of the most effective ways of making profits through your list are:

Provide your customers with information that they can trust
The very first thing that you need to focus on is that of giving your visitors and subscribers reasons to trust your information. They are never going to buy anything from you if  they think of you as a hoax. For this purpose, it is highly recommended for you to take out time and devote it to doing things that would make your customers trust you. You could actually request an expert of your field to send out a message to all those that are on your list to help you build a reputation.

One of the best means of making your viewers trust you is to make sure that you have a clear website in which everything is neatly visible. Remember, you need to build trust amongst your subscribers, and this trust is going to help you earn huge profits. Another really good means of achieving your customers’ trust is to provide them with a contact us page, through which they would be able to get in touch with you if they have any queries at all. However, make sure that you answer their queries in a professional manner, that too on an as soon as possible basis.

The best part about building trust is that it is actually going to make your customers want to refer you to their contacts. This way, you would rest-assured that your customers are going to tell their customers about you, thereby helping you make more profits in the long run.

Fulfill their every single need
One of the best benefits of creating a list is that you get to fulfill the needs of your target audience. When you start doing so, your customers are going to take a whole lot more interest in what you have to offer. This is going to make it possible for you to acquire more sales, and make substantial amounts of profits. So, make sure that you let your customers feel that they can get what they need from you.

Paid Subscription Websites or Content Lockers – What Should I Do?

Paid content websites The onset of the internet has made it possible for us to communicate across borders. Our geographical outreach has gone up a complete notch. The internet is now full of websites that offer intense value to their visitors. However, there is one concept that has recently gained immense popularity. The websites that were previously free to use have taken up a ‘members only’ approach or “pay to access”.

Web masters are now more conscious of the fact that they can make a whole lot of money by taking up this approach.

From free to fee-based – The journey

In today’s day and age, if you want to cash in from your websites, you need to deliver value too. These days, just having visitors come on to your website is not enough.

When deciding on how to monetize a website some webmasters have moved to fee based access or content locking. This works if you have good original content that no one else can deliver free. People actually are willing to pay to acquire access to knowledge in certain niches. New tools and plugins make it easy to create membership sites and this has led to a serious growth in the numbers of websites that offer paid content, in niches like weight loss, make money, online marketing etc. On the whole, what was previously being offered for free, has now become fee-based with real simplicity in setting it up.

Are people actually willing to pay for unique content?

YES, people really are willing to pay for unique content! There are countless websites out there these days that have started charging a fee for visitors to access their content. There are even a few websites that have merged both free and fee-based content. A typical example is using a CPA network like CPA Lead where you can install a content locker on certain post within your blog. So you can provide a ton of free content but every now and then you can send people to a post that has a lock on it and the only way to access it is to fill in a cpa offer that pays you a lead.

Does the “Hybrid” Paid/Free Content Approach Work? 

Yes. What these sites basically do is allow people to access a bit of content for free, but the best bits of content are only available for members that pay a fee or go through a content locker. They additionally get to enjoy content that is free of ads, or they get to enjoy certain other ‘special’ benefits or features.

In order to succeed, it is necessary for the website to cater to a particular niche and present information that is not being offered anywhere else free. If your website offers content that is already being offered by a million other free websites, there is no reason why people would like to pay the subscription fee on yours.

The data that you provide on your website must necessarily be accurate, and the website itself needs to have a rather dynamic appeal to it. However, that isn’t all – your website additionally needs to offer something special, something unique that would entice visitors into signing up on it.

What are some examples of good paid content niches for a website?

A few of them are:

1. Community directories
These are typically inclusive of websites that basically take help from other site visitors in order to come up with their content. Their best examples are Classmates.com, Ancestry.com and IMDB.com.

2. Make Money or Internet Marketing websites
From advice on investments to internet business, to how to make money online, these are totally trendy and have a high proportion of single-purchase sales and membership sales.

3. Paid Forums
These are websites that make it possible for paid users to access discussions from other in the same niche and learn things. Generally weight loss, make money,  sports, or technology type of forums work well.  For example, Aff Playbook is a great paid forum that shows detailed ways to make money online using pay per view traffic. These typically tend to make money through long term subscriptions.

4. Entertainment and lifestyle based websites
These are typically inclusive of websites that offer multimedia (Movielink.com and Real.com), digital music download and subscription services (Napster, iTunes, Rhapsody etc), together with those that offer recipes, humor or basically content that is related to leisure and amusement.

5. General news based websites
These offer news updates on a regular basis and are inclusive of sites like WashingtonPost.com, NYTimes.com and CNN.com. These typically tend to have a rather high annual subscription revenue.

6. Personal growth related websites
These sites offer motivation or self-betterment based content, making it easier for people to live more successful and satisfied lives. Examples include eDiets.com, DailyGuidePosts.com and WeightWatchers.com.

7. Research based websites
These include websites that allow people to carry out research over different topics. These are basically library-like websites, such as Merriam-Webster.com, Britannica.com and Highbeam.com. This category additionally includes websites that offer people search services like 1800ussearch.com and consumer research services like ConsumerReports.org and CarFax.com.

8. Sports
From sites that offer content on fantasy sports to those that are focused on sports news, and league sites, this category includes them all. The best examples in this regard are Sportsline.com, ESPN.com, SportingNews.com, DRF.com and MLB.com.

9. Personals/Dating
These are websites that basically make it possible for people to look up their dates or matches online. These receive high annual subscription revenue and include sites like eHarmony.com, Match.com and Yahoo! Personals.

Are there any benefits that the paid content business model tends to offer?

There are simply no limits to the benefits that the paid content business model offers as compared to the free content model. See the thing is that websites that offer free content typically tend to depend on advertising in order to generate their revenue, which really isn’t a piece of cake at times. Keeping up without a steady source of revenue actually makes it impossible for them to keep up. On the other hand, the paid content model makes it possible for you to benefit from not just advertising, but customers as well!

Steady income is much easier

The most prominent reason why individuals and companies are interested in setting up paid content websites is because they allow you to acquire a steady flow of income. Typically speaking, the subscriptions tend to last a month, a quarter of a year, 6 months or at times even a whole year. This means that you continually get to make money from visitors that subscribe to your website, at least for a particular period of time. If your customers really like what it is that you have to offer, there is a good chance that they would subscribe back on to your site.

Small Cost + Huge Return

The profit margin that is acquired by the owners of websites that offer paid content is truly very high since the content is often created only once and it pays back forever. Forums are also great since the paid users actually create a ll the content for you.

The best part about these websites is that they benefit a lot from word of mouth marketing, in which their current customers play a significant role.

The ‘cost’ element plays a significant role in every business decision that is made. The costs associated with these websites are categorized as set-up, running and maintenance costs. To be honest, the amount of money that you would be spending on setting up your website depends totally on what you wish to achieve out of it. What you need to know is that the start up and maintenance costs of these websites are quite like those of free websites. However, you would be spending an additional amount of money over payment processing and security. These would typically come down to about $450 at most. Some plugins on WordPress are actually very cheap like Amember.

No need to take on additional personnel

The best part about running a website is that you seriously do not need to take on the services of additional personnel. A website, quite unlike a conventional business can easily be managed and operated by a single person, which would obviously be you. However, those who do not have any technical expertise would need to hire a database administrator and a webmaster, but on the whole, the amount of personnel required to run a paid content website is fairly low. This means that there isn’t much for you to worry about in terms of operational costs.

There are countless other benefits as well that are associated with setting up a paid content website. So, if you are currently giving out your content for free, and think that you truly offer value, then it’s about time that you start thinking about taking up a paid content approach!

How to Use Webinars to Increase Conversions

webinarsWebinars are an often overlooked way to promote your affiliate products. Many people may be intimidated by the production that is required, and others may be too nervous to speak in front of a virtual crowd. Others may think they don’t have the talent to pull off a webinar, or fear that they lack the expertise.

The truth is that webinars are very easy to create with just a few simple tools that you can often find for free online, and anyone can create a successful webinar with a bit of careful planning. Creating a webinar is well worth the effort as it is one of the most effective ways to increase conversions of your affiliate products. Here are a few ways that you can use webinars to increase conversions:

Create a “Special Opportunity”

You have to use the marketing strategies to sell your webinar as you would your products. You can’t just throw up an announcement that you are planning a webinar and then expect people to sign up. You need to entice people to sign up with something interesting or exciting. One tactic is to create a “special opportunity.” Promise attendees that you will reveal some secret strategy, some “insider’s” trick. Tell them that they have only a limited time to sign up for the webinar. Say that you won’t ever reveal this secret again.

The key is to create some excitement about what you are going to offer. Make the webinar irresistible to your readers so they will scramble over themselves to sign up. Then, make sure you deliver. You want to get them in the door, but you also want to get them to the pitch so that they convert and purchase your products.

Provide Valuable Information – Don’t Just Sell

Readers aren’t going to sign up for your webinar so they can hear you sell them something. They are going to sign up because you have promised them some information that they can use to solve a problem. The key for you is to somehow show them how the product you are selling is the solution to that problem — but you have to do it without seeming like you are just selling them a product.

Build your presentation around solutions to the problem, and weave in information that will lead to the product. For example, if you provide a webinar about how to stop dog barking, you may present many solutions that include training, medication and, of course, the product you are selling, such as a special collar or jacket that the dog can wear. Your webinar will provide solutions for the problem, and when you introduce the product, it will seem like another natural suggestion — not like the whole webinar was created to sell that product (even if it was).

Be Yourself

Webinars provide you the opportunity to connect with your audience in a way that your blog and other marketing strategies do not. Your voice and your face are the delivery method you are presenting. Take advantage of this opportunity by being yourself. The more personality you show (appropriately), the more you will connect with your audience.

A webinar can help you to appear more likeable and more trustworthy with audience members, and that can inspire their confidence and their loyalty, which will encourage them to do business with you. Be professional, but also allow your personality to shine through.

Invite Guests

Expert guests can help you establish authority for your webinar so that your audience will feel more trust and confidence when buying your product. Reach out to other site owners or experts in your industry to ask them to appear in your webinar. They don’t need to live near you to make this happen. You can include them in the webinar through Skype or another video conferencing tool.

Most experts will agree to appear in your webinar in order to get the exposure and to raise their profile. However, if you need to sweeten the deal, you may consider offering the guest a percentage of the sales derived from the webinar. It will be well worth it if you get the right expert on the show since the appearance could help you drive sales.

Include a Q&A

Even with all the best planning, you may not cover everything that your audience wants to know. Don’t let sales slip through the crack by allowing these questions and concerns to go unanswered. Include a Q&A session at the end of your webinar so that you can answer audience questions directly. Not only will you provide more information for those individual members with questions, but you’ll also get more content for your webinar that will help seal the deal for others who are listening.

Consider the questions you get during your Q&A to be opportunities to shore up the holes in your webinar presentation and to solidify the case for the product you are selling.

Ensure Production Quality

Your content is indeed the most important aspect of your webinar, but if your production quality is poor, audience members may become so distracted that they are never able to focus on your message. Poor quality production may also make you appear unprofessional, which could cast doubt on the quality of the products you are selling.

Make sure your video is sharp and your sound is loud and clear. Invest in the right tools and the right programs. If you need help, get it. Hire a local production company to shoot the webinar and make sure it’s the highest quality with all the bells and whistles. When you have a professional quality video, you will present a professional image and drive sales.

Don’t overlook the potential that webinars offer. With a quality webinar, you can reach new audiences and drive sales of your product exponentially. Use these strategies to increase your conversions and take your site to the next level.

Do you use webinars to drive conversions on your site? Share your strategies for success in the comments!

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Kelly Opferman is a seasoned writer who at this time focuses on her auto financing calculator site. Her educational background includes finance, teaching, and economics.

What is better CPA offers or Revenue Share Offers?

best CPA offersCPA networks are one of the best means of making money on the internet these days for affiliate marketers. This money making option has recently gained immense focus across the world. Having learnt so much about CPA and how it can help you make a substantial amount of money, it is now vital that you learn about locating and choosing the best CPA offers around.

See, the thing is that as soon as you join a CPA network, you would need to choose between a CPA and a Revenue Share model. What’s the difference between these? Well, here goes:

If you take up the CPA model, you get to be paid a lump sum amount for every action that is completed. For this purpose, it becomes necessary for you to  continually work hard and generate new leads at all times. So, if you are promoting a gambling based website for example, you will receive a payment every time a person that you refer to the website signs up for a free account, or signs up to a free trial offer. Now that the person has completed the action and you have been paid by the network, you are no longer eligible for receiving money on the basis of that particular individual’s actions. Instead, you would need to recruit more people and refer others to the website to be able to make money.

Revenue Share
On the other hand, the revenue share approach pays you either an ongoing base pay or a particular percentage for the actions carried out by every single prospect. Considering the example given above of a gambling based website, if the individual that you have referred joins the website, you would either be paid a percentage of the amount present in their account funding, or you would receive a flat rate for particular amounts that these individuals spending while using the website.

Which one’s better?

When you get started with CPA networks, getting to choose between the CPA and Revenue Share model might seem to be a truly daunting task. Beginners in the field typically choose to go with the CPA model for the simple reason that they have no idea how much each prospect might be worth.

On the whole, experts of the field recommend opting for the revenue share model for it allows them to focus on recruiting and referring a particular number of active participants and making profits through the activities that they indulge in.

An example of a revenue share model that can work well is that of a sub-affiliate program. Think about how much money you could make if you referred a bunch of strong affiliates to a CPA network and that network paid you 5% profits for life. This type of model exists now and people can make a great amount of long term residual income from the efforts of other CPA affiliates. Vault Affiliates Network CPA Network is one of the only networks online that pays lifetime commissions on sub-affiliate referals.

For those who can’t make their minds up in this regard, it is best for you to initially begin by promoting a couple CPA offers, while focusing on a similar number of revenue share offers. What you now need to do is take out time and spend a couple of months trying to promote both of them on an equal basis.

This way you would be in a better position to determine which tactic is helping you acquire better results. Once you figure this element out, you would be able to focus on the one that is yielding higher profits and stop working on inactive or dormant campaigns.

It is going to take up a lot of your time, and is definitely going to test your patience to the max, but what you need to do is remain patient and focused. For this reason, it is highly recommended for you to thoroughly research and analyze some of the most profitable and trendy programs being offered at the moment.

How do I do that?

Affiliate managers. If you sign up to a CPA network your affiliate managers will be able to tell you which offers are performing the best.

Other Things to Look at When Choosing CPA or Revenue Share Offers


It is extremely easy for you to find profitable CPA offers, but prior to choosing the offers that seem most profitable, it is necessary for you to consider yet another element – competition. There remains the basic fact that CPA happens to be a truly very competitive industry and it is necessary for you to select the highest converting CPA offers to be successful. However, these are not necessarily always the ones that everyone is promoting.

The best way of determining what CPA offer really is converting is to visit http://www.google.com or http://www.bing.com and enter in the keywords that are related to your CPA offer. What you basically need to check in the results is whether there are tons of Adwords sponsors running their ads for these offers or not. If they are running them for a long period of time then it must be working.

Yes, finding such a CPA offer is going to take up a lot of your time, but when you do so, you can rest assured that you are going to be making quite a bit of money through it. For this reason, it is highly recommended for you to take out time and carry out intense research and refrain from making any rash decisions at all.

This way, you would be in a better position to compile a list of potential offers that you are interested in. Once you have compiled this particular list, the next thing that you need to do is login to your CPA network account, ensure that the profile that you have created is completely up to date and offers accurate contact information for payments, and access your affiliate links from the account.

Prior to launching any campaigns, it is highly recommended for you to paste your affiliate link into your browser to make sure that it points to the right website. This is going to help you make sure that the efforts that you put in are going to be credited.

Succeeding in the world of CPA networking is not hard. It is necessary for you to look up the right offers and make sure you promote the offers that you have chosen in the best possible manner to be able to succeed. You need to carry out ample research to ensure that you get to choose CPA offers that are most profitable, high in demand, but don’t pose way too much of a competition.  The lesser the competition, the more chances you have of succeeding and making profits.