10 Ways You Can Use Fiverr to Make Loads of Easy Money

fiverrNowadays, we hear a lot about affiliates who outsource or use others to make more money using the internet. Well today I want to cover 10 ideas to make money on Fiverr using Gigs.

Today I am going to talk about a few “Fiverr Methods” that seem to be floating around the internet.

If you don’t know what Fiverr is it is basically a site where you can go and find people who will do literally just about anything for $5. You basically buy a “gig” and the person does whatever they say they will do for $5. You do not have to worry about losing your money because the site is linked to paypal, and they have a good reputation to make sure you get your Gig.

All you need is a paypal account and you can pretty much become the “master of $5 puppets” that will do anything for you just to get that $5 bill.

By the time you finish reading this article you should be convinced to at least try some Fiverr Gigs to help boost your online sales and revenue.

Method # 1 –  Use Fiverr to Get Freebies 

fiverr affiliateMany affiliates give away free ebooks to get subscribers. Well the fact is most people don’t write these books themselves. Instead they hire someone to write which can be costly.

I remember one ebook I hired someone to write cost me $300 and today I found a similar offer on Fiverr for only $5 about “Gluten Free”. The best part about Fiverr is there is a search bar so you can search any keyword + ebook and you will probably find what you need.

Some people go to PLR websites that cost over $40 a month just to get the content. But with Fiverr you can buy up to 10 or 20 ebooks with full rights just for $5 total. You can then give these away to people to join your list and market to them with follow up emails.

Method # 2 – Use Fiverr to Boost Your Social Proof

Have you ever seen affiliates who place a Facebook Like Box on their websites?

make money fiverrWell this method works extremely well in helping the landing page convert especially if you have a ton of Facebook likes. But how do you get Facebook likes? Fiverr is the answer. There are some gigs on Fiverr offering up to 10,000 Facebook likes! If people come to a page with thousands of likes then they are much more likely to interact with that page especially if it looks professional.

Method #3 – Use Fiverr as a Buy and Sell Haven

To put it simply you would be buying and selling  services or digital goods for a profit. Simple enough! Just like any other business. Actually you could be buying services or digital products through another site like freelancer.com at a lower cost price and reselling them at a higher selling price on Fiverr. All this can be done electronically and with a little effort that you would need to put in to be able to market the product. For example, there are tons of people on Freelancer that will write articles. Sometimes you can find very decent $500 word articles for $2-$3 each. You could then set up a gig on Fiverr and promise to have articles done for $5 each. This is just one example of the many ways you can set up gigs to make profits.

Method #5 – Use Fiver for Design Services

This is a great one in my opinion. You can set up a site offering low cost videos, and design services and sell it in places like Warrior Forum or any other Affiliate related forum or even advertise on newbie related webmaster forums. Most people will be attracted to low cost design work. Then you can have the person fill in a form of exactly what they want then search for it on Fiverr. Of course you can use the design services to ramp up your own landing pages too.

Over time the Gigs you buy on Fiverr will become an asset for you since you will know who to use for your services. You can resell the services for up to %400 mark up easily.

Method #6 – Use Fiverr to Promote CPA Offers

fiverr trafficAnother great affiliate traffic source especially for social media traffic. Many people on Fiverr will post your message on their Facebook fan pages or their walls with thousands of fans and friends to see it. This works great especially if you link to a CPA offer that is related to the fan page or group of friends demographic. You can even go further and try to make something viral first (like a video or Pic) and then have the person post it. Make sure you link back to your affiliate offer or your own fan page.

Method # 7 – Use Fiverr to Find Affiliate Marketing Methods

Believe it or not there are hundreds of ways to make money as an affiliate and sometimes people are very generous in giving away methods. You can find some decent coaching on Fiverr from some affiliates who provide video coaching. If you are still unsure of how you want to go about your online business then try fiverr for training. A lot of the material can be good quality and much cheaper than spending hundreds of dollars on an ebook or video course.

Method # 8 – Use Fiverr to Create Mobile Apps

fiver mobile appMobile apps are great for monetizing because you can use ads in your app to make money.  You can check out Admob.com or something similar to monetize. All you need is a useful app. Many people think you need some crazy awesome app before it will go viral but I disagree. Have a look a look a some of the most simple apps like a “flashlight app” and you will see millions of people who downloaded it. It just needs to be something that people use. One idea is to create a game for toddlers. Why you ask? Because parents want to keep their toddler entertained when they go to restaurants and during other functions like church. So the parent downloads and installs the app, and then the toddlers just keep pressing the screen and eventually they are going to click on the ad at the bottom and you get paid for every click. ;).  Yes this one is a bit dirty…but I never said this was going to be all sweet and stuff…and in my opinion the real dirty ones are the people advertising on toddler games anyway! HaHa.

Method # 9 – Use Fiverr to Get Viral Pics/Vids

viral fiverrHave you ever seen those pictures or videos floating around your Facebook wall that everyone shares? Usually something funny or just plain weird? Well there are literally thousands of Gigs on Fiverr that can get you a pic or video like that for $5. Sometimes even more than 1 picture for $5. These can go a long way in getting traffic to your own monetized fan pages or even directly to a CPA offer. One approach is to first get the picture designed on fiverr, then buy a gig from someone with active fans and have them post it. Total cost could be lest than $10 and you could get a flood of traffic.

Method # 10 – Use Fiverr for Direct Advertising

Many people try to sell their ad space on Fiverr and sometimes you can find decent blogs related to your product or affiliate offer that can get you some decent traffic for only $5.

bannerIf you do a bit of research and check their Alexa.com rank you might find some great places suitable for your products.

I think I could go on all day on how to make money using Fiverr but these 10 ideas can be a great start.

You can easily get started today.


Then go and check out all their gigs under the business section. You can even search for anything you want.

Sometimes it really is amazing what people will do for $5!

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