5 Simple tips to effectively improve site traffic 

As a website owner, you know that the success of your website depends on your customers. Having a highly popular blog is good for your brand and it can make your shopping website highly successful. You want more customers to visit your website, browse your content, and buy products. However, we all know that there are thousands of websites online. Most websites get less than 500 customers per day and less than 10% of those actually make a purchase.

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So is there a secret by which you can improve your website, get more customers, and ensure that your website or blog is on top? Not really, but there are a few things that we forget about while setting up a website. So if you want more customers visiting your website, here are a few simple tips that you can use to increase traffic to your blog.


#1- Content is King

Content is always going to be important online and having the best content is the best way to pull in customers. Experts recommend tips like shorter content, guest blogs, tags, etc. Apart from unique content, experts recommend the use of irresistible headlines, tags, and on-page SEO to ensure that your content is optimized for search engines


#2 – Freebies

Everyone loves free stuff and blogs or websites that offer freebies are always popular with customers. You can run a blog giveaway, encourage blog posts and reward the best post, send out free newsletters, offer free downloads like e-books, run contests, and so on. You can also offer free courses and encourage your readers to tell others about your websites. The list is endless but freebies like these can result in customers returning to your website regularly to check for fresh freebies.


#3 – Post Content On LinkedIn

One of the best things to happen recently is that LinkedIn is accepting posts. Your professional profile can be used as a launchpad to establish your digital identity and create an online brand. Of course, this will also mean reaching out to readers through your professional network. Posting relevant content on LinkedIn will boost traffic to your website, increase your site visibility and definitely result in more business.


#4 – Email Marketing Works

Email marketing does work but most websites bypass this technique completely. Email marketing can reach out to a whole new segment of customers and it can be a powerful way to increase traffic substantially. However, this does not mean bombarding customers with irritating emails as it could result in you being banned completely. It means reaching out to interested readers, sending them valuable content, and offering freebies, discounts and vouchers through an email.


#5 – Site Design

You need a fast site. Most customers spend less than two seconds on a single webpage. If your site takes a long time to load, you can literally forget about getting traffic and customers. Make sure your web pages are streamlined and load as quickly as possible.


These tips are just the tip of the iceberg so to say. If you really want your website to become successful and popular, you can also learn about internet marketing by joining powerhouseaffiliate.com. As you learn and implement the strategies and tips recommended by the experts, you will notice your website improving in traffic and business.

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