7 Pay Per Call Myths you Have to Ignore for a Successful Affiliate Marketing Campaign

Setting up a pay per call campaign can cost affiliate marketers more than pay per click campaigns. However, pay per call can be trusted over pay per click because of the larger amount of verifiable information it provides to its users. If you are an affiliate marketer looking to adopt pay per call to reach out to your targeted customers, go ahead. Do not believe some of the most popular myths that exist today about this method, though. Below, we debunk seven popular myths to restore your faith in pay per call

3. CPA 7 pay per call myths to Ignore

1. Pay Per Call Networks Want to Work with Big Affiliates Only

Pay per call marketing can be a great option for small affiliate marketers as well. If you have your own specialized niche, there still is probably an offer for you somewhere from one of the several distribution partners. The sheer number of small affiliate marketers is much more than the big names, so distribution partners just cannot afford to ignore small businesses and usually have great schemes on offer for marketers at all levels.

In an interview to the Daily Mail, Mike Williams from Pay Per Call affiliate network RingPartner is found saying that there were no specific types of advertisers that the network was looking for and that they would work with ‘anybody who is looking for calls’.

2. Pay Per Call Campaigns are easily Manageable

Tracking the journey that your possible customers take before they arrive at your affiliate marketing site can be a complicated process. While your distribution partners try and simplify the process for you with great software, at the bare minimum, you will have to invest a lot of time and effort in understanding how exactly a particular visitor landed on your site. The combination of pay per click, pay per call, email and banner advertisements isresponsible for driving traffic towards your website. Properly understanding the process will give you a fair idea of the returns your marketing dollars spent on pay per call are actually getting you.

The problem is, if you, as an affiliate marketer, immerse yourself entirely into tracking and analytics, there is no time left for you to think of expansion or future plans. It is always advisable therefore to hire someone who knows the entire process. So sign up with the right partners and ensure that your analytics is spot on.

3. Pay Per Call campaigns must be Targeted at Landline Users

According to the Google Mobile Playbook, 70% of all local mobile searches result in a call. Google Search Moments says that people are 39% more likely to call a number when they search for the business through their mobiles. Being an action driven audience, it would be a major mistake for affiliate marketers to ignore this lot. After searching online for information, the mobile user would find it really easy to know more by simply placing a call and it is this part that you must consider when opting for Pay Per Call campaigns.

4. Pay per Call Campaigns Are Not Effective

A study by the Kelsey Group has shown that a person making a phone call is 10 times likely to make a purchase than someone who just clicks through to a landing page. With active engagement, callers are likely to display high interest level also, providing the affiliate marketer a chance to seal the deal as they are online and engaged in speaking with you directly. With good pay per call platforms, several options are avaialable to the affiliate marketer like call routing, identifying mistaken calls, etc which helps you avoid low quality traffic. The use of IVR technology can help you further fine tune traffic to your site.

5. Pay Per Calls are Difficult to Scale

Suppose your affiliate marketing effort really takes off, and all of a sudden you are faced with the demand for many more phone numbers, distribution partners now offer marketers the option to create new phone numbers with the click of a button. Other tasks like tracking of performance or distribution of phone numbers can also be handled very easily with the latest technology. Scaling up of operations need not be an expensive or complicated affair anymore for affiliate marketers.

6. Pay Per Call Data is Ineffective

For mobile affiliate marketers, data about their site visitors is the best weapon to have. Pay per call gives you that data. Distribution partners provide software, which can give you a lot of options to slice the data which you receive about callers based on demographics. This helps you to better identify your target audience. For example, you can gather data on which keywords generate the best quality of phone calls. This data can then be used to fine tune your entire online advertising campaign in order to achieve better results. You can also edit IVR options and routing switches in real time for fine tuning. Slicing of data based on geographical location and offers which generate the most interest is also possible. And don’t forget, all of this is happening with a focused visitor who has made the effort to call you.

7. Pay Per Call is Useful Only for the Big Customers

Effective pay per call campaign management will tell you information such as the kind of phones the customers are using to call you. However, this might not tell you much if your campaign extends to other countries besides the US as not all possible customers prefer to use smart phones. Based on issues like connectivity, personal preference or even ownership of one or more phones, you might get calls from possible customers who use simple phones to visit your landing page. Do not base your campaign simply to target smart phone users thinking there are more conversions there, but include other categories of phone users as well.

There are a lot of myths which are regularly brought up regarding pay per call marketing. However, the truth is that if used effectively, pay per call can be a much better option than other traditional forms of marketing to drive traffic to your offers. With any new technology, criticism is to be expected, it is up you to choose how much to believe.

Have you used pay per call? We are eager to know your experience.

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