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  1. Good day Joey,i want to first of all thank you for the training am truly grateful.as it is now, am a novice in this.so please i really want to know the meaning of conversions or what it means for an offer to be converted and how is the conversion process done for me to be able to generate a lead. and secondly,how do i get to pick or transfer the offer from the cpa network website to mine. please i need to know more on this. THANKS.

    • This should all be covered in the course…http://www.cpatrainingvault.com/cpa-cash-course but basically conversion means when your CPA offer converts into a payout. In order to qualify for a payout you need to get the visitor to do some type of action…hence cost per action…to transfer an offer to your site I assume you mean putting an affiliate link on your own website. That requires a bit of know how on how to add affiliate links to a site…which can be found with any Google search.

  2. Hey Joey please reply under this post…so I can be notified when you answer. Just checked the check boxes underneath

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