CPV Lab vs Prosper 202 – Save Time and Make More Money

I have used prosper202 for over 7 years for one reason – because it was free and the most talked about tracking system at the time.

In 2012 I made the switch to CPV Lab and within a week I had optimized my previous campaigns to a point where I increased my ROI enough to pay for a lifetime licence to CPV Lab in a day of new profits. As a result of switching to CPV Lab I was able to save a ton of time in setting up tests and new campaigns & I was able to now track things I never could before.

It is a shame I did not make the switch sooner. In an effort to save money on a tracking system I really lost out on the real power of a system that can make you more money.

Here is why I believe anyone using prosper202 should immediately switch to CPV Lab especially if you are trying to make money with CPA affiliate marketing campaigns.

CPV Lab Vs  Prosper202

Myth: CPV Lab is only for PPV tracking.

Truth:  CPV Lab is by far one of the top affiliate tracking systems for ALL types of traffic.

CPV Lab Saves Time & Time = Money

  • With CPV Lab you do not have to “generate” a new link every time you want to split test an ad or landing page. This saves an incredible amount of time especially if you want to split test several ads.  All you do is add a variable right into the link and it is automatically tracked.  I found with prosper it was so tedious to split test that I got lazy and this resulted in less testing and definitely less money!
  • In CPV Lab you can clone campaigns with one click! The new campaign has all the same settings as another campaign so you don’t have to go through all the 7 steps that prosper makes you do. Then you can just make minor tweaks like change the LP Urls, title and affiliate links and you are ready for a completely new campaign on the same traffic source within minutes.
  • The tracking code and the redirect link you place on your landing pages is the same code for all campaigns! It NEVER Changes. This means you do not have to go in and create a new code for every single landing page (like you would in prosper202) – this is by far one of the biggest time savers and makes settingcpvlabs2 up new landers to test extremely easy which means more money!
  • There are no tedious dropdown boxes in CPV Lab. In Prosper each drop down can take up to 3 seconds to populate every time you need to make a switch in Prosper – All your campaign settings are done on 1 easy page!

Split Testing in CPV Labs is a Breeze

  • CPV Lab allows you to split test landing pages based on percentages you set. This means you can set LP1 to show 50% of the time, or %90 of the time or whatever percentage you want. So basically if you find a winning landing page you would set it to show more then the new ones you are testing out. I usually do 90% winning LP and 10% new test landing page.
  • If you are trying to split test ads  using prosper you will struggle especially on Bing! Why? Because you will not easily know which ad is which unless you compare clicks on bing stats to your prosper stats. In CPV lab you easily split test ads by adding a simple variable at the end of the link to identify exactly what ad converted.
  • CPV Lab allows you to deep test multiple paths and optins more easily. cpvlabs1

Other Cool Features Prosper202 vs CPV Lab

Click here to see the demo with over 70 more features!

  • CPV Lab still has the “spy feature” which allows you to see all the clicks coming in in real time. I like this because it allows me to see if my campaigns have started and where the traffic is coming from in real time.  Prosper also has this feature.
  • CPV Lab has full technical support and with prosper you pretty much have to use Google searches to solve your problems.
  • CPV Lab will allow you to see exact ROI, and has several different reports that will amaze you when it comes down to really analyzing where you are losing money.
  • CPV Lab shows you exactly how many clicks and profit you made since the last time you logged in.
  • CPV Lab has a cool desktop notification feature that alerts you if a campaign is running wild!

Why my love for Prosper has fizzled…

MYTH: You should use prosper since it is free and easy.

I used prosper for 7 years and still made money. This is not a post to completely bash on Prosper202, but if I could back in time and chose a tracking system to start with, I would have chosen CPVLab Hands Down.

The fact of the matter is Prosper is very time consuming and does not allow me to easily split test. I constantly have to generate new codes. This means it is very easy to “get lazy” and not do proper testing. This will result in campaigns that never get profitable because I don’t have the information I need to make the right decisions.

With CPV Lab you get more information, and over time you will save weeks or months of work.

Of course you will always be faced with tough decisions on how to creatively make your campaigns more profitable, but with CPV lab I have personally found the decisions to be much easier!

So if you need to decide on a tracking system or want to make money with existing campaigns check out CPV Lab.



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