Effective Social Media Marketing Through Facebook

In the recent years, Facebook has evolved to more than just a casual online venue for people to get in touch with their family and friends. It has transformed to a vehicle which could drive businesses towards success.

With all the different features of Facebook such as the wall, groups, market, video sharing, albums, Timeline feature and a whole lot more, many Internet marketers have used it for social media marketing. Since it connects people who are in different parts of the globe, it is possible to advertise internationally without spending a lot of money.

If Facebook exudes a hip and cool appeal, how can this be utilized for Internet marketing strategies? Which aspects of this social networking site can ramp up sales and establish credibility? Here are some of the ways that you can also use Facebook for business marketing.

Create an Appropriate Profile

The right profile can be the make it or break it point for social media marketing, particularly Facebook. We cannot escape the fact that people tend to quickly judge others just by spending a few seconds in looking at the profile picture.

For corporate businesses, it is never wrong to use the company’s logo. This helps out in strengthening branding techniques. The logo will be remembered by people and merely seeing it immediately makes them recall what your business is all about. However, Internet marketing strategies should not be limited to just using the logo. There are some businesses, which benefit from establishing a more casual connection with their targeted market. In such cases, a photo of the business owner, an action pose of models or even an avatar would be more appropriate.

When creating the profile page, you need to decide whether you want a hip and cool vibe or a formal and uptight image.

Include All Pertinent Business Details

Before you even proceed in inviting contacts, make sure first that all details about the business are indicated. The most important ones include location, contact details or even additional websites. Do not waste you opportunity to reap the benefits of social media marketing just because your Facebook page is a dead end. They could not call you if there are no phone numbers and they could not visit the company’s main website if it is not indicated. Keep in mind that some people do not really want to connect with you through Facebook and they are checking out the page just to obtain company details.

Link it with Other Social Networking Sites

Using Facebook surely is one of the most effective Internet marketing strategies these days but do not forget about the importance of other social networking sites. For example, Twitter can also improve the performance of your Facebook account in communicating with thousands of people. There are other social networking plug-ins which you can use too.

Update Regularly

Changing your status and uploading new content is very important. This gives people a reason to check out your Facebook page regularly. It also encourages your connections to give comments, post messages or click the Like button.

When it comes to Facebook, regular update means having fresh content every single day. Ideally, this should be done several times a day so that it would be easier to gain more friends and contacts.

The updates should also provide interesting information. That way, people who are connected to you will have more reasons to share it with their friends. This leads to a chain of endless spread of your social media marketing updates.

Be More Personal

It cannot be doubted that Facebook has a cheery, casual vibe. A few years back, it is hard for serious marketers to even consider this website as a venue for their Internet marketing strategies but that has changed now. The important thing is that whether you want to build a stern reputation or you want to exude effervescence, create messages which are tailored for your targeted market. Use the language which they commonly speak, insert popular jargons in your posts and be consistent with the tone. Doing these will help you communicated better with your audience and they will be able to relate with you too.

Launch Contests

Contests are always enthralling for Facebook contacts. Encourage them to join in contests and offer really amazing prizes or jaw-dropping discounts. This can also be a great way to crowd source the content of your Facebook account. For example, if you are promoting your restaurant, then you can ask people to post their photos while eating the dish that they love most. Individuals with most captivating photos would have the chance to win gift certificates.

The benefits of launching contests come in multiple folds. First, it will create a buzz in the social networking world. Your current contacts would have something to be excited about. Second, you can also add more people in the list once the contest goes viral. Third, your content will always be updated.

Rewards and Freebies

Even if you do not launch contests, you can always hand out some great freebies. Maybe you can feature your most loyal member or the most active contact. Giving them little extras will encourage others to be proactive too.

Maximize Multi-Media Platform

Facebook does not impose too many limitations for their users. This is actually what makes it the best venue for social media marketing. Do not limit yourself to just posting new messages or status. You can also add more photos to the albums so people have a means of knowing more about the business. With the Timeline feature of Facebook, make sure that when viewers open it, there would be a myriad of things that they could check out. Post photos of the latest products. Embed videos of holiday greetings for your customers. Explore the different media types which you could incorporate in your Facebook account.

Provide the Latest Business Updates

This social networking site is a means of sending messages to thousands of people across the globe. If you are launching a new product, having an event or offering promos, then let the entire world know about it through Facebook.

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