Email Marketing: 10 Tips &Tricks in Building your List

Getting REAL people to subscribe to an email list is tough. With product competition and several other free trials around the corner, how do you score the glorious “subscribe now” from your audience? How do powerful internet marketers grow their list from 0 to 1,000 in the span of a week? Here are some tips:

  1. Spend some money – Start with paid ads like PPC, banners or social to drive the right traffic to your landing page. Knowing who will eventually buy your product is important as they will drive sales. You would rather have 500 buyers than 5000 subscribers.
  2. Promote privacy – Privacy is always a subscriber’s concern. Always assure your audience that their information is solely for your website only and it will not be shared with others.
  3. Build relationship – Successful internet marketers DO NOT push their high ticket offers to their subscribers the moment they have subscribed – talk to them first or even offer a small upsell right off the bat related to your offer. See our email marketing guide at Powerhouse Affiliate for a cool method to make money while building a list.
  4. Personalize your email – Your subscribers want to be called by their name and not some generic greeting, i.e. “Dear subscriber.” This is one way to make them feel they are valued and that they did not just sign up into some spam list for product offers.
  5. Give out FREE offers – Everyone loves freebies – discount coupons, exclusive content, promotions, membership etc.
  6. Content matters – If free stuff does not work for some as it’s too cliché already, great content always works. Keep your readers hooked on the content you send out. Write about relevant content that will create audience engagement.
  7. Reason to Believe – Highlight key benefits and who endorses the product. It really helps when you “quantify” your messages – “Results Proven by 100,000 People Worldwide” or  when your product is endorsed by a known individual – “Michelle Obama: 3 Natural Ways to Lose Weight.”
  8. Always keep your promise – The key to closing more and more sales is to make sure that you fulfill your end of the bargain. If you have offered a freebie during subscription, make sure your audience gets it once they open their email. Otherwise, it’s very easy to click the unsubscribe button.
  9. Offer Solution – If your audience has searched for “Best Car Insurance in Canada” you give them the answer in your landing page.
  10. Never stop trying – From time to time, there are new methods on how you can expand your email list. You will never know if these methods work unless you give it a shot.

Always study how your audience interacts with the email you send out. Keep your offers fresh and avoid any hard sell pitches such as save as much as 80%. Although they may work in some niches, this method is not as effective as it once was. Nowadays, engagement is key – the more your audience feels that they can benefit or personally relate to your product the higher the chance they will buy it.

If you have any tips, please do share it here or in our new affiliate forum at Powerhouse Affiliate. We always love hearing from you!

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  1. Thanks for sharing such a great article on Email Marketing tips. Really well laid out info regarding Emailing and building relationships. I do agree that it is tough to get people to subscribe and then open the email. Great job!

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