Email marketing tweaks that you must definitely use

Internet marketing can be extremely complex and daunting. It is not at all easy for the new comers to get started and use it successfully. Email marketing, basically means sending emails and convincing people to buy your products. This can be used to earn some decent profit. You need to make a plan and keep track of everything associated with it.

How to come up with a list?

The term ‘list’ is used to refer to a single or double opt-in mailing list of subscribers that have agreed to let you send them information from time to time. It can also be a sales email or an affiliate link for someone else’s product. To make people sign up, you need to offer them something. It can be a eBook, a newsletter, access to a free membership site or anything that you think would draw your audience to register.

What to do when you have a subscriber?

The most important thing that you need to do is to keep them. If they get nothing other than sales email they would probably unsubscribe. So at first you can give them instant access to your newsletter issues and leave them undisturbed for few days. The next email offers them a free report that they can give away from their own website. If they refer any sales they get 75 percent commission. After few more days offer them one of your products that are related to selling other people’s products and saying that they can get it at a discount price if they act now. In the next email you can offer a freebie that they can resell. Keep on repeating with various products and offers.  So you can earn just by sending out email. Most importantly your auto-responder is doing that for you and you don’t need to send each email manually.

The methods

Promoting the same product in different ways, according to the main topic or purpose of each list, will help you to increase your overall conversion rate. When you use your checklist, each subscriber will receive your promotion in a distinctly targeted way that relates to their personal interests.

Given below are some of the most effective methods:

 1.       Using One Time Offers

It is a great idea to sell something else when someone is in the process of buying, well, something else. The customers should be convinced that they are getting a once in a lifetime offer that’s exclusively for him and won’t be available later. This is a great way to make a sale.

 2.       Using marketing partners to help you build your list

Another excellent way to increase sales is by enlisting an eager marketing partner or a group of marketing partners. A marketing partner is someone who is eager to promote your site or products. You should offer this a chance to every subscriber to become your affiliate. For example becoming an affiliate for one of your product and being paid 60 percent of each sale they refer.

 3.       Get testimonial and feedback using email

Email marketing also involves communication between you and your customers. New buyers are generally worried about giving away their credit card details because of the many scams highlighted by the media. So, putting up testimonials of some satisfied users just on the page where the new buyer has to click a “BUY NOW” button is a great idea.

4.       Offering someone else’s product

Promoting someone else’s product as an affiliate or through a joint venture is a very good way of generating an increased per-subscriber dollar income return from your list. You can start a whole follow-u p message sequence up from just one of your own products. Actually, you don’t even need your own product – just a subject idea and you’re all set to get started.

5.        Make a marketing partner tool

If you can provide your subscribers multiple reasons and methods to become your marketing partner, you would be surprised at the enthusiasm and interest you can generate along with increased profit.

6.       Cross promote another list

One way of increasing your sales is by sharing your subscribers between different lists. It is one of the most effective strategies used by internet marketing gurus.

7.       Write articles for others to promote

Write articles and let people publish it on their website or newsletter and give them a personal affiliate link. This can do a lot for you and increase your sales multiple times.

8.       Offer trial download or subscription

Another effective way to introduce a product is with a trial offer. You can search for trial offers in Google or click bank. Payments are made once people have subscribed after the trial period.

9.       Offer demo software with built in affiliate programs

The basic idea here is fairly similar to that of the previous one, but the only difference is that it is downloadable software, and is not fixated upon visiting a site. The benefit is that it stays on the customer’s computer until they uninstall it.

10.   Link to your other sites

You can do this either by listing all the other sites in the footer of your email or mentioning specific pages of the each site. Make sure the topic is related to what you are promoting.

11.   Include some content form a JV partner

While working with a JV partner, try to include some useful content rather than just running an ad.

12.   Promote reprint right products with your link

These products are available for every topic nowadays. You can include your links and promote it. This is a golden way to increase sales.

13.   Promote private  label or public domain content

In your emails to your lists, you might want to mention one or more of these products that you have edited to your satisfaction. Those products could be websites, email courses, or any other form of useful content.

14.   Promote one “product of the month”

If you are member of a site that gives you a product (or products) every month to resell, then you have a constant influx of new content to promote in your follow-up messages.

15.   Promote an “Here’s an example” product

If someone has used has used one of your products, ideas and had good results you must get permission to tell the rest of your list about it.

16.   Promote a two tier program

Some affiliate programs are two tier where you get commission if the customers goes on to join the sites affiliate program.

17.   Generate anticipation for next part of an e-course

To keep people interested in your email, you must create hype by mentioning what’s coming next.

When you start using these basic tweaks, you are guaranteed to notice a surge in your sales for sure. So, make sure that you employ these right away to be able to make all the more profits!

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