How Do Powerhouse Affiliates Find Profitable Campaigns So Easily?

Those who know me personally and through Skype, know that I have been extremely busy over the last 3 weeks to a point of almost insanity working on a new company- including a new private CPA network.

We weeded out nearly 1500 previously known affiliate accounts who were simply wasting valuable time and resources!

Our new team is now going to spend the majority of our time networking with “winning affiliates”, and working with people who know the truth about this industry…and that is – serious profits only come with hard ass work!

We are also getting back to what we do best and that is helping serious players to drive massive amounts of traffic to profitable, well crafted affiliate campaigns.

Now let me be honest, most of the top performing campaigns come to me as a result of “knowing the right people”. That means advertisers and affiliates and network owners. I also work with a team of people and not alone. 

My team and I also share this valuable information to serious affiliates we trust if there is room for more competition – which is usually the case with the types of traffic we target.   

Now you may ask…where can I network with highly paid affiliates, network owners, advertisers and even find profitable campaigns? The answer is below… is our brand new site that we have built to meet people and discuss the industry. We are using this not only as a training portal for people who want to improve marketing campaigns, but more importantly as a networking opportunity online not only for you but us especially.

First…we thought about building a free place online to do this, but then it was quickly shot down because the truth is, serious affiliates, advertisers and network owners don’t want leeching eyes, or spammers inside their network – and that’s usually what comes when you make things free. At the same time we felt it was necessary to give everyone a chance to at least test it out first which is why over the next 7 days we are giving 1 month free premium access.

AND….25 Free Lifetime Memberships!

We are also giving out 25 free lifetime memberships to the most active people on the forum in November!

If you come in and participate and help us grow the potential and show signs that you are a SERIOUS player in this game….we would be happy to give you a well deserved lifetime membership for free.

This portal will not be just for accessing training resources which anyone can really find with a Google search – the TRUE benefit of this place is knowing how to use the forum community and private network to improve your own business.

It is all about sharing and allowing access to some of the most lucrative online affiliate marketing campaigns online and staying on top of our game!

The highest paid affiliates we know will get exclusive access to the “Mastermind” area which we intend to use to share the best of the best. We have also included an area for network owners only to discuss important issues. 

Finally in conjunction with the forum and training portal we have built a very private affiliate network as mentioned earlier. Currently it is so private that we are not accepting affiliates from the public, unless we know you personally or online, or you have been invited by one of our top publishers.

This network is also where we run our own internal and high volume advertising campaigns. Sometimes advertisers will give us campaigns and we don’t have enough time or resources to run them but we can now share them with people we meet from inside our community. So if you are part of our community, and participating you will likely get access to these guides.

You can bet that we have the highest payouts online for the offers we run because we have built strong relationships with solid advertisers directly. We are not going to just share these advertisers’ campaigns with people we don’t know.

Well I want to thank you for reading this much!

For a limited time while we continue to update and build this networking opportunity, and add more weekly content, we want to give you 1 month free of premium membership and a chance for FREE Lifetime premium membership!

So here is your action plan:



3. Participate and qualify for a well deserved LIFETIME FREE MEMBERSHIP!

We will be giving the most active people on the forum in November a FREE “lifetime membership”.

This is a great opportunity to get in early and establish some connections. This is going to change the way many people do business, so please take a moment and come inside.

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