Niche Marketing Strategy – Here is Why You Aren’t Making Money

Today’s post is going to explain some tips on what I have done to improve my own Niche Marketing Strategy.

I am a strong believer that you get better results by focussing on smaller sub-niches and angles within an evergreen general niche or keyword.

I want to give some examples of what has really worked for me.

Fact: In my opinion the two most common points of failure for many affiliates are:

1. The niche they chose to market to.

2. How they market to their niche.

I have many friends who have asked me why their website is not converting and usually it all comes down to the same problem –  their niche marketing strategy is not focused enough.

Let me give an example:

In the last few months I have had 3 people ask me about their site and all of these sites are in a similar niche “coupons and freebies”. All of the sites made the exact same mistake. They were too general in focus. A prime example was a site built around “Free Coupons” which had a bunch of different coupon offers.  Of course there are some big sites out there like this that might work, but I don’t recommend it unless you want to put a ton of time and effort into tackling a very competitive niche.

From my experience more focused campaigns get better results. If you try to conquer a larger more general niche like the “coupons” niche it is much to competitive to get any decent traffic. You will require a big budget or a decent pocket of traffic.  Also, if your site is too general, the person who arrives on that page will have no idea what to do next…and they will likely leave.

What seems to be working better for me is building a broad style blog in a big niche, but then narrowing down the content to a laser targeted niche and creating a category solely on that “sub-niche”. diapers.

Niche Marketing Strategy – Tips for Choosing the Right Domain Name

Instead of choosing general domain names it is important to find a good keyword in your niche that gets a lot of searches and has low competition. Don’t make the major mistake of basing an entire campaign around just the numbers of searchers.

A high searched, low competition keyword is always great to find, however; you also must consider the value a keyword can bring to your campaigns.

Chosing a word that also has a high market value sets you up for receiving a lot of free focused traffic that will CONVERT.

For example:

Let’s say you have found a keyword that also has a .com/.org/.net available and gets 18,000 exact monthly searches a month like “Ringtones free”.

Let’s say you have also found another keyword that has a .com/.org/.net available that has 5400 exact monthly searches like “ringtones for mobile” or “ringtones for android”

Personally I would choose the latter of the 2 for the simple reason that the first group is clearly a bunch of freebie seekers who may not convert into qualified leads. The 2nd keyword group, even though it gets less searches, would be easier to convert into customers and easier to rank for in the search engines.

But How Do I know This For Sure Without Actually Testing?

Another crucial step in any Niche Marketing Strategy is to test a few keyword ideas first with pay per click advertising.

Here is why.

If you are trying to rank #1 for “ringtones for android” it is going to take you a few weeks or even months of search engine optimization. If you are basing all of your work on a “hunch” that later on you are going to make money, then you might be setting yourself to be disappointed. You might even be wasting a ton of time for nothing!

This is why I like to test a keyword first by buying a #1 spot on Google or Bing Ads. This means I have to spend $10 on a domain name first, and design a good sales page with some affiliate offers and Adsense on it.

I will even spend money on clicks and test this new site at #1 position with PPC. If I get 1 or 2 conversions after 100 clicks then I am very happy. Even if I get 1 conversion after 150 – 200 clicks I am still likely going to pursue this campaign and keep testing landing pages. I will do all of this first before entering into a full-blown SEO campaign.

I am not going to spend months of hard work trying to rank for a keyword unless I know for sure my site and offer and niche is going to at least convert when I rank for that keyword.

 Niche Marketing Strategy – How to Be Successful

To be successful in today’s hyper-competitive online marketplace you have to engage with your audience.

This is especially true if you have a small marketing budget or if you want to rank in the search engines in a competitive niche.

If you decide that you build your content one sub niche market at a time you will greatly increase your odds for achieving online marketing success as a lone wolf. If you have a massive team working with you then of course you can tackle bigger broader competition.

Micro Niche Website

niche marketing strategyIf you are using a “micro” niche marketing strategy you could in fact be building a micro niche site, or a full blown blog or website.

Micro niche sites are usually monetized either by AdSense or by promoting affiliate products, unless you have your own products. They generally include a bunch of pages all relating to a keyword or sub-niche you are targeting.

The amount of money you actually make from your micro niche site depends on several different factors including how you design the page, the type of traffic, the keywords you are focussing on, the actual offers you are trying to sell and much more.

One concern you might have is that you don’t consider yourself an expert in your niche. This does not really matter. The purpose of your niche site should be to inform the readers of the facts. Think of yourself as a reporter and provide information that can help your readers, and guide them into going onto the affiliate offer. If you presell your visitors it will work much better than sending them to an offer “cold”.
I have used this line of thinking many times over the past several years. Feel free to post your own success using a different niche marketing strategy example
Thanks for reading.
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