The Top 10 Paid Methods to Generate Traffic for Your Offer

Driving traffic to your website can be a tough job, more so, if you have just entered into the world of affiliate marketing. However, if you think that free traffic generation methods are not giving you the right results, do not worry. There are a host of paid options available for affiliate marketers, provided you are willing to spend some money.

We discuss the top 10 paid methods for generating traffic for your offer.

5. cpa top 10 paid methods to generate traffic for your offer

 1. Internet Advertisements


If you think you have it in you to make a well designed banner ad, all you have to do is ensure that your ad gets placed in a lot of high traffic websites. Banner advertising is the simplest way to attract visitors to your site; banner ads can be an effective tool if you chalk out a plan to place the advertisements on sites that attract the right audience for your offer. Banner ads are usually paid for in cost per thousand impressions or cost per click packages.


 2. Buying of Lists


Email lists which have been legally collected can be purchased by you online. These will usually be lists from companies who have advertised that their opt-ins can be contacted by third party websites as well. Always ensure that the lists that you buy contain information given voluntarily, as there is a very thin line between advertising and spam when you buy lists. Another option is to go in for guaranteed traffic offered by certain companies. However, while you cannot be certain about the quality of traffic that your site receives, this can be a good option if you are looking at increasing your opt-in list. Put out a good offer and a ‘squeeze’ page on your site and watch your list grow.


 3. Advertise with e-newsletters


All internet advertisements do not have to be on websites. If you can design impactful static content, e-newsletters can be a great method to promote your website and offers. Advertise only with newsletters which have an extensive reach. Of course, you have to find newsletters that reach out to your target audience.  Another option would be to find forums which are dedicated to the kind of product/offer you are looking to sell. If forums can let you advertise in sub sections, you can attract very focused and specialized traffic that would be great for your conversion numbers.


 4. Advertise on Business Directories


Although a lot of websites which carry listings nowadays contain pages and pages of links, there are others which offer quality content for businesses or individuals. These lists are highly specialized, however and if you do find one that caters to your needs, consider advertising on them.


 5. Press Release Services


A time saver, paid press release services ensure that your offer details reach a wide range of newspapers, TV channels and publications. While only a small percentage of this may result in an article, your press release will be available online for viewing by anyone as these services will host the release for a fixed period of time. If you do get written about, the traffic to your website will definitely see appreciation.


 6. Paid Reviews


Some bloggers offer to write reviews for your products or offers if you pay them. While the exact output of the review may vary, if you are sure of your product or offer being really good, you can approach a blogger for a paid review. However, keep in mind, the blogger you approach must be influential and have a very wide fan following in order for you to generate traffic. Paid reviews are often viewed as an endorsement of the product by many and this can indeed generate huge traffic for your site if done properly.


 7. Sponsor a Website or Blog


If you happen to come across a blog, YouTube channel or website that offers really interesting content, consider sponsoring the person running the website/blog so that you get visibility as well as appreciation from the regular visitors to the blog. Alternatively, you can pick interesting topics for webinars and pay someone to host them if you do not have the experience or the time. Advertisements related to the subject can then be displayed during the webinar.


 8.Pay per Click Advertising


If you do decide to go in for PPC advertising, there are a lot of options besides Google which you explore. However, in terms of numbers, Google Adwords is the absolute ruler. Pay per Click advertising requires constant monitoring of return on investment however, and you need to stop as soon as you think that it is not giving you the financial returns that you had factored in.


 9. Social Media


Today, almost every social media website has some form of advertising built into it. Consider your demographic carefully and if it fits the kind who would use social media, go for advertising there. It is also important choose the right social media platform, depending on your offer and your target audience. For instance, Pinterest may not work for all offers, while Facebook is relatively broad in the reach that it offers.

Today, you can advertise on Facebook, Twitter and many other sites for a relatively reasonable expense. This kind of advertising can be very effective as these social media websites offer you several tools by which you can slice their user data and build targeted ads based on demographics.  You can even buy ad space on YouTube for the offers you want to promote.


10. Advertising Exchange


You can sign up for online advertisement exchanges like or where you can choose the websites where your advertising would be displayed. Targeting of advertisements by category or geography is allowed and non performing sites are regularly audited and removed from the mix. Some of these ad networks will manage your campaign for you or you can manage them yourself. Payment can be by cost per thousand impressions. You have the freedom to have your advertisements featured across a selection of sites of your choice, decide the frequency of display and the cost that you are willing to pay per thousand impressions.


Not all options might work for you with great success. However, a mix and match of several services coupled with a few free traffic techniques should be the best way to go about the task of generating traffic for your offer.

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