The Top 4 Spy Tools for Affiliates

Do you remember what had happened when Google launched AdWords? Gold rush! Marketing companies started minting millions from those ads. AdWords still remains a decisive marketing channel; however, saturation makes its more expensive and less profitable now.

Most, if not all, fruitful marketing channels eventually meet the same fate. More usage translates to more difficulty in reaping profits for you. What does a good affiliate marketer do? He/she learns to continually search for, experiment with and test new marketing channels. So what is the best way to find the ones relevant to your business? The correct answer is ‘by using spy tools’.

The Top Spy Tools for Affiliate Marketing

The Advent of Spy Tools

Many of us must have fantasized at some point in our lives about being a spy; a super-secretive one, with all that hi-tech gadgetry, a supersonic sports coupe and a super-attractive aide. Sounds pretty exciting, doesn’t it? While it definitely does, in real life most of us have to settle for more practical alternatives.

A great, no-nonsense approach to satisfy our urge to spy and gather secret information, especially as affiliate marketers is to use spy tools.

It would indeed be great to spy on your closest competitors and find out what they are up to! Well, that’s what spy tools are for. Affiliates use a variety of spy tools to gather information on key marketing aspects. What are the traffic sources their competitor is using? What are the types of ads are they broadcasting? What are the keywords they are focusing on? What’s their PPC? A gold mine of such useful information can be yours with spy tools.

Why Use Spy Tools at all?

Why is it really so important to go undercover and take a peek into what your rivals are doing? Doesn’t sound quite ethical, does it? Well, there’s nothing really wrong and we’ll tell you why.

  • Spying gives you an opportunity to discover newer avenues of customer connection and thus helps improve customer retention.
  • It will help you know if your rivals are doing better than you and whether you can match their success.
  • It helps you evaluate their marketing optimization techniques and find out what can be legally duplicated.
  • You can improve upon your plans to outshine competitors based on the spied information rather than assumptions, which may or may not be correct.

After all, this is not industrial espionage we are indulging in. And taking inspiration from someone who’s doing better or at par won’t hurt. Spy tools are an opportunity to ensure that we don’t fail to keep up with competition.

The Top Spy Tools for Affiliates

Spyfu, What Runs Where, SocialAdsNinja, KeywordSpy, SEMrush, The Search Monitor, Open Site Explorer, Alexa, Google Alerts, Talkwalker are only some of the most prominent spy tools employed in affiliate marketing today.

Let’s unearth the secret of success with spy tools around. Let’s talk about the top 4 spy tools for affiliates.

  1. The Top One for Social Media

 One of the most recommended social media spy tools is HyperAlerts. This is quite an expedient email notification service, which can be used for both, Twitter and Facebook pages. You can customize this free social media spy tool to receive alerts by minutes, hours, days, weeks or months. HyperAlerts enables you to multi-task as an administrator while it emails you notifications as per your chosen notification frequency.

The emails that it sends are well formatted, and consist of embedded links to the relevant wall posts and comments. To know more about the #1 spy tool for social media, click here.

2. The Top One for Pay Per Click

 SpyFu is one of the most efficient and powerful spy tools that help you with PPC advertising. It has been designed to expose the secret marketing formula of your competitor. It gives you access to tons of useful data – every lucrative keyword your competitor purchased on AdWords and every ad modification they made in the past 6 years.

SpyFu is a set of tools including SpyFu combat, Keyword Ad History, Keyword Smart Search, SpyFu classic, Domain Ad History and a Variety of Top 100 Lists.

Click here for some brilliant PPC spying tips.

3. The Top One for Media Buying

 WhatRunsWhere is the perfect spy tool that helps you to closely monitor your competitors’ advertising strategy. Additionally, it helps with ad research, ad buying, looking for new traffic sources and split testing. Know where are they buying from and what ads are doing the best. This knowledge will help you enhance your marketing decision making process.

The data that this tool provides comes from 15 countries and is updated on a daily basis. Also, the data spans back to 3 years so that you can conveniently review how successful digital ad strategies evolved.

WhatRunsWhere offers an unparalleled insight into the media buying landscape.

4. The Top One for Pay Per View

BoxofAds is an exceptional tool to spy on your PPV competitors. It helps you get precise actions and exact strategies in a readable and easy-to-use format. Its advanced software gathers data from major Pay-Per-View networks like TrafficVance and Leadimpact.

You can easily get a list of landing pages and even the campaigns working in your area. Its advanced search option saves you time by enabling you to filter by parameters including DateRange, Source, Destination, Age and Hits. They even offer a free 3-day trial.

BoxofAds makes sizing up the competition pretty easy. Get all the info about what your rivals are up to in a jiffy, while saving on time and money that you would otherwise spend on expensive software.

Times have become too demanding and competition is getting stiffer. So do you think you really have a choice of not resorting to these highly intelligent virtual toolkits?

We recommend that you read this important resource for exhaustive information on a plethora of widely used spy tools.

Your turn now. Are you using these tools already as a part of an effective affiliate marketing strategy? Or are you using some other, out of the world, radical spy tool that makes you more secretive than The Bond? Tell us about it; we promise not to share with anyone 😉

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