Top 3 Free Traffic No No’s – The Real Way to Get Free Website Traffic


Free Traffic CPAAs a webmaster who wants to make money from their website, it  is extremely important for you to know how to generate traffic for your website efficiently. Many people looking to take advantage of online business begin by looking for free traffic sources to generate traffic cheaply.

For this reason, it is extremely important for you to know where you need to promote your website so that you can acquire high amounts of traffic without spending weeks doing things that quite frankly don’t work anymore!

Being in this field for many years myself, I have developed several sites but my main focus has always been paid traffic. Recently I have been getting lots of free traffic but not from your traditional time wasters that I have tried several times to no success.

I feel I have accumulated A LOT of knowledge in both free and paid traffic but I am not claiming to be an expert since my experience has also lead me to figure out just how business operates on the internet – meaning what works one day can be completely outdated the next day.

In the long run, I have come to find out that traditional SEO or search engine optimization is probably one of the biggest time wasters for internet marketers, particularly those tasks that are focused on link building.  I have discovered over time that focusing merely on the on-page optimization of my websites and social media results in much more success in terms of free traffic and higher rankings.

Is just having traffic going to make money?

Here is a story of how some people I personally know have wasted weeks and sometimes years of work (I share this because I think it is important that if you find yourself in the same boat you will be able to see the problem sooner) :

First they set up a site and try to promote some type of affiliate offer or even their own offers, then spend weeks trying to get free traffic to the site and maybe if they are lucky they start seeing a trickle of traffic (10 – 50 people a day) but they still make no money. Then they get desperate and start searching Google or marketing forums for other different methods and spend another few weeks trying these until they have spread their work out so thin that no methods seem to be working. Then they quit.  

If this sounds familiar or you also know people who have done some similar things then hopefully this post will shed some light on it.

Monetizing a Website

The first problem they encounter is that even by having a beautifully designed, eye catching and totally appealing website with all the perfect navigation is not going to make you money unless you know how to monetize it properly.

Monetizing a website simply means converting visitors into revenue. To do this there are several methods that I will not cover in this post but they include banners, adsense, reviews that link to affiliate products, email capture forms and follow-up emails, paid advertising spots etc.

There are several different ways to monetize a site and for this reason, it becomes extremely important for us to test different ads and monetization methods, but to also make sure our website is promoted in just the right manner so that it delivers value and acquires loyal visitors in the long run!

Top 3 Free Traffic Time Wasters

Finally here are what I call the top 3 leading time wasters. These are things I would never spend a second of my own time or a single penny doing. The reason is because I know that spending the same amount of effort creating good content, or viral content for Facebook and Twitter is enough to surpass any of these methods.

Submitting to numerous Web Directories

Many people think that submitting to hundreds of directories is going serve a major benefit  of acquiring backlinks through online directories. This is false. If you are adamant on submitting to directories, then there might be only 3 – 5 that are worth your effort and the rest are complete garbage that will only hurt you. Depending on your niche there may be a couple more you can find but really that’s all you need.

I’m not even going to try and list top directories here because it’s simple enough to do a google search, plus I don’t want to list a directory cause tomorrow it could be flagged by Google :).

Blog  Comments

Basically this involves trolling the internet in search of blogs that are related to the niche of the website that you have at hand. Then start leaving comments on the content. While this does actually make it possible for you to get a link to your website in your comment’s signature, in my opinion the amount of comments it takes to see results, and the time it takes to do this is completely a waste.

Solution? You would get much better results and exposure if you focus on 5 – 10 high traffic and high authority blogs in your niche and contact the site owners and ask if they would allow you to post a guest blog post with a link to your blog.

Social bookmarking

Bookmarking your content on countless social bookmarking sites has truly become one of the most annoying and worthless ways of promoting a website. First of all many of these sites are completely packed solid with so much content that your little links are never going to get actual clicks, secondly many of these sites have become no-follow which means you get no credit for the link, thirdly Google likely does not even count them anymore, and finally it takes way to much time even with useless software programs – you still need to sit there and manage the software program that is full of flaws!

What is the Best Free Traffic Source?

Social Media Hands Down….

free trafficThis is in my opinion should be the only means of promoting your website using free traffic for at least the first month or two and should be an ongoing effort. Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter are surely going to bring in ample amounts of traffic and is also going to help you acquire substantial backlinks and credibility. The kind of traffic that these sites already receive guarantees that your website is going to receive substantial promotions. The best part is that these are already fairly high ranking websites, so marketing your website over them means that your site is going to receive lots of good backlinks.

So instead of trying to explain all the various ways you can use these sites to your advantage let me just give you some links to a few different methods and tools that have work wonders for many people I know. It is time to start taking your free traffic efforts to the social media platforms:


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