What are the Top 5 Mobile Traffic Sources for CPA Affiliates in 2014 and Why

mobile traffic sourcesThe single most crucial factor that determines success for you as a CPA affiliate is the ability to drive tons of targeted traffic to your offers. No doubt, you have your proven traffic generation sources, which have worked well for you in the past. As we step into the New Year, it is perhaps time to re-examine the status quo?

Surge in Mobile Internet Usage

Things are changing and continue to change significantly in the online marketing space. And one of the biggest game changers right now is the increased usage of mobile internet. There are statistics galore on this subject and some eye popping numbers, I quote below

  • Nearly 40% of time spent on the internet is through a mobile device. (Source: Marketing Land)
  • Online shoppers interacted with ecommerce websites to a greater extent via their mobile devices (55%) as compared to laptops and desktops (45%) (Source: Internet Retailer)
  • 2014 is the year when mobile internet usage is predicted to overtake desktop/laptop internet access. (Source: Microsoft Tag)

With these numbers in mind, you have to start looking at mobile traffic sources for your offers.

This article lists down the top 5 mobile traffic sources for 2014.

1.  Addictive Mobility

This is a social media focused mobile advertising network. The network’s hugely popular AMO adSocial technology offers a unique platform to affiliates to leverage various types of social media.  This network follows trends, topics and conversations of users and helps affiliates deliver contextually relevant ads to users in real time. Thus you can reach out to very specific and targeted users via their preferred social media platforms and herein lies the strength of Addictive Mobility.

Social media is growing at an exponential rate and 2014 will see even more people adopting social media. So social media advertising will be an important component of the marketing puzzle in 2014. In fact while predicting the social media marketing trends for 2014, Search Engine Watch mentions specifically that there will be a blurring of lines between organic and paid content on social media. As of now, promoted status updates do not appear very different from the organic status updates except for a ‘sponsored’ tag, which is likely to be missed. In fact, on the mobile browser, people may not even realize that they have clicked on an ‘ad’.

Addictive Mobility has built a reputation for delivering high conversion rates along with significant savings for advertisers resulting in astounding ROI. Given the dominance of social media in 2014, this mobile traffic source is an important one for this year.

2. Google AdMob Ads

This is Google’s Mobile Ads platform. The company AdMob was acquired by Google around three years ago and Google AdMob Ads offers opportunities to display your ads in targeted apps, to reach out to your niche.

Specifically why this traffic source is important in 2014 is fairly obvious- the association with Google. Google is the undisputed leader in online advertising and by taking over AdMob, it is extending its clout in the mobile advertizing space too. This potent combination just cannot be ignored. Plus Google has also integrated AdMob into its Adsense, giving additional advantage to CPA affiliates.

Another advantage of going with Google AdMob Ads includes its compatibility across platforms, enabling your offer to reach users on Android, iOS and Windows systems. Innovative ad formats are available including interactive ad units, which create higher engagement levels.

3.  Jumptap

Jumptap is one of the leaders in offering targeted mobile advertising services. Known for its technological superiority and unique partnerships with third party data providers, this mobile ad network has in-depth understanding of the target audience. As a result, Jumptap is several notches above other networks in delivering ‘intelligent targeting’ services that can be scaled. This network is known to provide the best ROI for advertisers and publishers. As you know, rule #1 of advertising (any advertising) is that more targeted the message, higher the chances of conversion. Hence Jumptap is an important traffic generation source in 2014 and beyond.

Currently, Jumptap has been acquired by one of the biggest players in the mobile advertising space – Millennial Media. Consequently, you can now look forward to more precise customer targeting based on behavioral, contextual, location and several other parameters. Millennial Media is one of the market leaders in providing breakthrough innovative creatives for mobile ad campaigns.

4. Airpush

Airpush is one of the leaders involved data driven mobile advertising for android and iOS. The biggest advantage of Airpush is that it delivers your (advertising) message in the notification tray of the smart phones and not within the app. Hence the message can be more easily viewed, which increases customer engagement to a considerable extent.

In 2014 and beyond, user engagement will be the critical factor for driving traffic. Also if your ads (or messages) are not specifically targeted or tailored for your audience, chances of ‘action’ go down significantly. In that context, the Airpush network is important. Besides, working with this platform is simple as it offers you a world class user interface enabling you to create and manage ad campaigns across varied operating systems –android and iOS.

With HyperTarget- its patent pending mobile ad targeting technology- Airpush studies important information about opted-in users via their app download history. This enables more precise targeting and increases click-throughs and actions.

5.  Medialets

This mobile ad network supports premium mobile ads across devices. This network supports a wide range of ad options including banner displays, rich media and video advertising across smart phones, tablets, mobile apps and across operating systems- Android, iOS, Windows and beyond.

This is significant in 2014 as premium mobile ads means higher level of engagement with the audience. In fact, research confirms the same- online video advertising is 200% more effective than TV advertising. And rich media mobile ads are 4 times as effective as banner ads, according to this report from econsultancy.com.

Mobile traffic is definitely an important component of your CPA marketing process. The key is to target the right traffic for your offer.

These are just some of the mobile traffic sources available out there to drive targeted traffic to your offers. Have you used any of these? We would love your views about them. Or are ther any other sources you think should make it to this list? Do let us know.

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